Guidelines for Spray Paint Street Artists: How to Remove Spray Paint From Your Skin

As a spray paint street artist, you are likely to get spots of paint on your hands, fingers, and fingernails no matter how careful you are. You should wipe your hands with a towel as you paint so that the paint does not cake up on your hands, but the paint may cling to your hands nonetheless. Thus, there are some skin care guidelines you need to follow. There are several quick and easy strategies to remove spray paint from your skin. In particular, oil is a popular way of removing paint. Supposedly, oil is popular because it softens the spray paint on your skin and acts as an abrasive cleanser. In this article, we highlight some of the best oil methods.

Guidelines for Spray Paint Street Artists: How to Remove Spray Paint From Your Skin

Ordinary Vegetable Oil

We recommend that you take some regular vegetable oil in the palms of your hand and rub it onto the spray paint. You must leave it on for about three minutes before cleaning it off with soap and water.

Lavender or Tea-Tree Oil

One of the strategies is to dilute some essential oils such as lavender or tea-tree in water and then covering your hands with the oil. After one or two minutes, gently start cleaning your hands with a cloth and repeat as you see fit.

Olive Oil and Salt

We recommend that you apply a generous amount of olive oil to the hands and wait for several minutes. Begin rubbing between your hands with Kosher or sea salt. Repeat the process if needed.


This may sound strange but you should try out mayonnaise to remove spray paint from your hands. All you need to do is apply plenty of mayonnaise to your hands and let it stay for several minutes. Then you need to gently clean your hands with water and a towel. This method will not only make your hands feel smooth, but also well hydrated.

Baby Oil

An effective and simple method for removing spray paint is to gently rub the area with baby oil for a few minutes and then wipe it off with cotton. Repeat the process if necessary.

Butter or Margarine

Trying out butter or margarine is a splendid strategy because the oils present in these ingredients make it difficult for the spray paint to properly cling to your skin, giving you a chance to rub it off. For at least a minute, you should thoroughly apply the butter or margarine on your hands and then use coarse salt, such as sea salt or Kosher as an abrasive to completely and effectively remove the paint. Your skin will be really oily and greasy afterwards. So, wash your hands carefully with a good soap and rinse.

The methods highlighted above are all effective, safe, and natural. They will help you to remove the spray paint from your hands without much of a hassle, as all these ingredients can be easily found in your pantry.

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An Easy Way for Art Lovers and Artists to Be More Active

Let’s face it.  There isn’t that much activity involved in creating, buying or looking at art.  It can take an artist hours or even months to complete a piece of art.  Endless hours often go into sculpting and painting.  Spending hours in the same chairs and in the same room isn’t just depressing, it is also unhealthy and even when artists usually do take a break, they will look at more art which isn’t exactly active either. If you are an art lover then it is time to improve your physical and mental health by taking up cycling.

An Easy Way for Art Lovers and Artists to Be More Active

Why choose cycling

Cycling is an easy and affordable sport that you can take up at the drop of a hat.  All you really need to enjoy a bit of activity is a good bike, some safety gear and comfy clothes.  When you hit the gym you are spending each session in the same spot but when you cycle you can travel thousands of different routes and see thousands of new sunrises, sunsets and new landscapes each and every day.

Get the best cycling gear

You don’t have to invest thousands to get started in cycling because unless you are planning to compete in major championships an average bike should be sufficient.  If you are new at cycling then you can have a look at the best entry level road bikes for beginners so you can get a good idea of the average price of bikes for beginners, find out what to look for when choosing a good beginners bike and perhaps even find the dream bike that will transform your life.

Health benefits of cycling

Cycling is great for your personal and mental health.  When you ride a bike, you get a good workout and your leg muscles are strengthened and toned.  You lose a lot of weight by cycling because it is a great cardio workout and your heart is much healthier because your cholesterol levels are reduced.  You also get a lot more fresh air when you paddle which is great for promoting personal health.  Cycling is also great for your mental health because it reduces stress, gets you out of that crummy little artist’s corner and your creative senses are stimulated when you enjoy better and new scenery each day.

How to fit a cycling session into each day

Set time aside – Lots of people love to enjoy cycling at a specific time.  Early morning cycling trips are fantastic because it is a great way to promote positive thinking for the day and your blood pumps through your veins which provides more energy for your day.  Others love to spend time on their bikes after a hard day at work because it removes stress and promotes clear thinking so they can be there for their families.

Ride your bike to work – If you simply cannot cut off some time out of your day for biking then you can always replace your car for this healthier and more environment friendly transportation method. You will save money on fuel, save the world from vehicle toxins and be healthier each and every day.

Express your artwork by coupling it with amazing interior design

When you are creating amazing artwork, you need to have it in a setting that complements it. There is no point creating a masterpiece that is hung in a space that is dull and uninspiring. You want to have it placed in an environment that will complement it with great design and colours. This will enhance the mood and the richness of the piece of art.

You will often find that many artists have a background in interior design, and vice versa, like Juan Pablo Molyneux. This is because the two disciplines are intrinsically linked to one another. Next time you are hanging a painting, you should consider the interior design elements that are going to complement it.

Express your artwork by coupling it with amazing interior design

Here are a few of those interior design tips that may come in handy for you.

Be consistent

When it come sot deigning a room or any sort of environment, you need to ensure that the design is kept consistent throughout. This places attention on the areas that matter, as opposed to making the entire setting too busy. A common mistake that beginners in interior design make is making too many changes and adding too many flashy points. You want a consistent theme that sets the tone and creates a great mood to the environment. Whatever your preferred theme is, whether it is traditional, contemporary or modern design, make sure that it is kept uniform throughout.

Always start with the best point in mind

When it comes to interior design, you need to get the juices flowing right off the bat. This means that you should be working in the focal point of the project and ensuring that you are excited to create a masterpiece out of this project.

This could be any feature large or small that will become the focal point around which you develop the rest of the environment. It could be as simple as the type of fabric or design that you use. Whatever the case, make sure that you are excited to partake in this project, as passion will breed amazing results.

Ask for help and opinions

When it comes to designing any sort of space, it is always a good idea to get multiple points of views and opinions as to what can be done with a certain space or to clarify what the needs and desires are when it come sot the space.

This means that you will not have to go and start from scratch after you have finished the process and you are not happy with the results. This could range from a client, other interior designers or tradespeople. Everyone will be more than happy to contribute their thoughts if you approach them in a nice way.

Make sure that you add life to the room

These days, many interior designers go for drab looks that may be a bit abstract but them illicit no life out of the surroundings. You need to ensure that you create the right energy in a room, and choosing the right colour schemes goes a long way towards achieving that.

SEO Tips for Artists

The Internet is a massive place, and there are numerous artist websites being built and populated all the time. Anyone who has a website should know that Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is a great way to increase their viewership. SEO consists of the wide variety of tricks anyone uses when building their website to increase its search ranking. Increasing the search ranking means getting the site closer to the top in Bing, Google or Yahoo searches. If artists can master some SEO techniques, they can increase their audience and sales. If you are an artist who wants to build a strong web presence, this article shall provide you with valuable seo training.

Specify Your Keywords 

When building your website for SEO, take a moment to think about the terms and queries you expect people to be looking for when they’re looking for your website. For example, a travel agent would want to appear in the search results for “planning a vacation” on Google.  A music school would want to be in the search results for “music schools near me”.

There are many artists all over the world. You are also competing with art history and different organizations, magazines, websites, museums, and galleries that specialize in the field of art. Unless you are a really popular artist with a great fan following, it is unlikely that you or your work will appear on top of the search results.

Avoid using general art terms. Be specific. Think about what makes your art unique and make those characteristics the focus of your keywords. For example, “surreal underwater photography”, “celebrity pop-art” or “contemporary Spanish abstract art” would make great keywords. Having a distinctive artist name would also be useful.

Organize Your Website 

Your website is likely to have a good groundwork for SEO if it is well organized, attractive, clean, and focused. If a website is clearly comprehensible to any human, it will be equally so for the search engines.

You are not only improving your SEO, but you are also helping visitors navigate to the information appropriate for them and also preventing your content from getting overcrowded when you organize your website by categories. Each page needs to have its own focus and therefore its own focus keyword. So, the category of “Contemporary Spanish Abstract Art” should have its own page to increase the SEO. Also try to keep the titles clear and concise.

As the goal of your website is to showcase your artwork, it will have many images. Make sure your images are clearly labeled with information. This will help your website’s SEO and highlight your name on image searches on Google and other search engines.

Attend Events and Stay Active Online 

The more you are on the web, the more your name will show up when people search for you.

Make sure you promote and sell your artwork in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, to name a few. Also attend as many events as you can and build connections all around the world to get your name out there.

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Common archery mistakes that you need to avoid

One of the best sports to learn and take part in is archery. Whether you do it strictly as a hobby or you use a compound bow for other purposes, it is a great way in which to build personal discipline and to release stress and energy.

You will learn how to focus on a target and make tiny adjustments to make monumental gains. While it may seem easy when you watch it on the television, archery is anything but that. It takes a lot of practice in order to get just right. You need to ensure that you have the best equipment when you are starting off, so here is a great guide that you can use in order to figure out which is the best compound bow for hunting.

When you are hunting, you need to ensure that your shot hits the target in the right area, as you don’t want to just injure and animal and make it suffer. This is why you need to practice continuously on your shot.

Here is some advice to keep in mind next time you are on the archery range.

Common archery mistakes that you need to avoid

Ensure that you have a consistent stance

When you are taking shots, your feet position should not be changing in between them. Your feet are the entire foundation for the shot, so you need to have a stable base that is not shifting and changing. Otherwise, your adjustments between shots will be meaningless.

The best way to practice a good stance is to get some tape and place it onto the floor where you are taking your shots. You may have an open stance, so you would use the tape in order to have your feet aligned and toes positioned in the same way for your entire practice session. Your balance and the centre of gravity will also have a massive effect on the results of your shooting, so you always want to focus on having a solid platform for your shots.

Rotating elbows

Perhaps one of the main skills that you need to hone when it comes to archery is the correct form of elbow rotation. This is explained as ensuring that your bow arm’s elbow is always get straight on either side, when you are drawing the bowstring back and when you are letting go of the arrow.

If you fail to maintain this position and level of rotation, there are a wide variety of problems that may affect your shot. Some of these problems include arrows always veering to a single side of the target and bruising the inner portion of your arm.

To ensure that these problems do not happen, you need to keep your elbow straight and slightly rotated before you have raised and drawn the bow. After you are in the optimal position from the start and keep it this way throughout the process, your entire upper section will be in great alignment. This leads to you generating a shot that is more powerful and you will have much better arrow clusters.

Know the importance of having access to a survival axe in certain situations

When it comes to compiling any sort of emergency kit, a survival axe is perhaps the most important tool that you can have. If you talk with any of the most experienced survivalists, they will always say that having some sort of blade is the number one thing they would want to bring with them in a survival situation. It allows you to carry out so many vital functions, such as start fires, get food and create structures.

There are two main parts of the survival axe, the handle and the head of the axe. It is important that you take even the smallest variables into account when you are looking to purchase a survival axe. Here is some advice that you should keep in mind during the process.

Know the importance of having access to a survival axe in certain situations

The handle and head of the axe

In the past, survival axes would have handles that were made out of hickory wood, but these days they are made of stronger and more durable substances, such as metal and fiberglass. This ensures that the handle will not split or break during use. The handle should be efficiently shaped so you can transfer as much power as possible into your swing. This focuses all of the kinetic energy on the head of the axe.

The head is important at it is doing all of the work. The strongest axe heads will be constructed using a single piece of forged steel that is very well secure dot the handle of the axe.

What you need to know about survival axes

A survival axe or hatchet is a vital part of any survivalist’s toolkit. They are also great for going camping or hunting, as you never know when it might come in handy. Survival axes are often commonly known as a camping axe or a tomahawk, they are basically the same when it comes to its features and characteristics.

The total weight of the axe will usually be about one pound or one pound and a half. The handle will range anywhere from ten to fourteen inches in length. It has such a wide variety of uses that you would be lost without it. It really is a tool that is a jack of all trades. You might need to split and chop wood that is to be used to create a fire or to create some form of structure.

You can also use it to help kindle the flame for your fire. As it is relatively small compared to other axes, you will be able to easily carry it around in your belt or in an equipment carrier.

Keeping it in good condition

It is important that when you purchase a survival axe that you keep it in good condition. This means that you need to regularly sharpen the blade. If it is just sitting in your cupboard or garage gathering dust, the blade will become dull over time and when the time comes to use it, there will be no sharpness to it. Therefore, you need to conduct regular sharpening on it to ensure that it is in tip top shape.

How to Be More Creative in Making Art

There will be moments when you would like to produce your very own artwork but cannot because you are stuck in a rut. You do not know what you have to do anymore because you feel uninspired. If the things that you are doing are already feeling boring and repetitive, then you know that you know that you need to do other things that can help you improve a lot.

There are different things that you can do so that you can become more inspired such as the following:

    • Take a walk. Perhaps you would need to look at the world in a more detailed manner. Take a walk along a street that you pass by everyday. Focus more on the different things there. Have you ever noticed how big the tree that your friend has planted way back? Perhaps you have never noticed the cute dog of the first house on the street. Focus on the little things and this will make a lot of difference.
    • Take a vacation. Being in a new place and being exposed to a whole new environment will get your creative juices flowing especially if you would learn new things about the place that you never knew before. Even before the vacation is over, you would already have an idea about the things that you like to create.
    • There will be moments when you truly need it because without relaxing, you will realize that the things you have made can only be considered mediocre. Take time to relax and truly enjoy and the inspiration will come naturally.

How to Be More Creative in Making Art

Now that you already know the things that you can do so that you can become more inspired, you may need other information on how you can further improve your art making. Here are some things that you can do:

  • Use Other Materials

If you have used paint all your life, perhaps you would want to use something different this time. What if you can make an artwork made with materials that are all recycled? Recycled materials are in different colours that will allow you to still form the characters that you would like to place. For instance, you can use coffee for the brown things on your artwork. Coffee grounds may work too so perhaps it is ideal to check out Kona coffee review. This will allow you to have coffee that tastes good that you can also use for art at the same time.

  • Use A Different Type of Paper or Canvas

You have to remember that the item that you are going to paint on does not necessarily have to be white. You always have the choice to choose the type of canvas that you can be happy with. Choosing a dark colored canvas is actually good for you because you know that for sure, the effect of the colours that you are going to place will be different.

  • Be Creative With Your Colours

If you would like to change the way that your artwork looks like, perhaps you may want to make your colours a bit unrealistic. This is totally out of the box and this may not be something that you usually do. You may be surprised with how good the final outcome is going to be.

You always have a choice to become good with your art. As long as you are interested and happy with what you are doing, then you will be able to produce amazing pieces each time.

How to Make Bathrooms Look Bigger

One of the things that can increase the overall value of the house is a nice looking bathroom. A lot of people always say that in order to have a great looking bathroom, it should be big and roomy but what if you do not have a lot of space? Are you required to make major changes with your home just to change it up a bit?

Remember that there is still hope with the type of bathroom that you have. Actually, even if you have a small bathroom, this does not mean that you cannot make it look like a great work of art. You can do some small changes and you will be surprised with how much bigger your bathroom will look like. Are you already curious to get to know what the various tips are? Here are some things that you have to consider:

How to Make Bathrooms Look Bigger

  • Make sure that the things that you have inside your bathroom will have the same tone or colour.

When you make the colours of the bathroom similar, this will make a small bathroom look bigger. For instance, if you would create dark tiles and light colored walls, this will chop up the colours and will make your bathroom look smaller than it really is. Same should go with the fixtures that you have inside your bathroom. Try to have the same colour and tone for everything.

  • Pay attention to the colour of your ceiling.

One of the greatest mistakes of people is assuming that just because they have already focused on the colour of their walls and flooring, they can already have a bigger bathroom. This is not the case at all. You may want to consider painting your ceiling so that the colour will be the same with your bathroom walls and tiles.

  • Choose the colour white.

Do you know why there are a lot of people who try to avoid wearing white? It is because white can make them appear bigger especially if the styling is wrong but in bathrooms and the fixtures that you are going to choose, white items can make your bathroom look bigger. Of course, in some items like your shower head, you cannot make it white but you have to choose something that will fit the colour white. Just choose from best shower heads. It is likely that you will find the right one for you.

  • Let light pour in.

If you would choose the proper lighting for your bathroom, you know that it will manage to look good. At the same time, you know that if you would have the right windows placed on your bathroom, light will come in. This will make your bathroom appear bigger even if the size is not too big to begin with.

  • Mirrors

Where you are going to place your mirrors will have an effect on how big your bathroom will look like. Try to let go of your small bathroom mirrors and choose mirrors that can look amazing on your bathroom’s current shape and size.

With all of these details in mind, you can have a great looking bathroom that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable every time you enter it.

Tea and Coffee Art

Art is extremely abstract and subjective. Not everyone finds the same things to be beautiful, and at the same time, not everyone understands the value of a specific work of art. That is precisely the reason why it is so difficult to determine the worth of a work of art, as what one might consider to be beautiful and valuable may not necessarily be that. However, at the end of the day, it is all up to how you view your works of art and whether or not you consider it to be beautiful.

A different form of art

Nowadays, even a blank canvas can be considered to be art if displayed in the right setting and given the right amount of attention. It is actually ridiculous! Then again, that stated, not all kinds of art are as ridiculous or may be as pointless as that. There are many different forms of art nowadays, and many different mediums as well. How an artist chooses to express themselves is up to them, since unlike the olden days when artists generally painted on canvases or sculpted, art these days is extremely diverse.

Tea and Coffee Art

Artists have begun combining various types of materials using various different mediums which make the whole thing look astounding in itself in the end. That is, after all, the main point of art. To create a piece of work that expresses something, whether it is something personal and related to the artist or something that the artist believes strongly about. At the same time, it can also be art just for the sake of it and for no other reason other than the fact that it looks good. No matter the reason why the piece of work was created, what matters more is the fact that the piece was created in the first place.

We’re sure that you have heard of latte art, which is basically creating a miniature drawing or even a sculpture on the top of your coffee, the one that you’re served at Starbucks, for instance. That said, some people have decided to take this even further and they have even begun to paint with the tea and the coffee in itself. Yes, such a medium of painting can actually produce astounding works that are worth displaying. That said, this isn’t a very conventional medium and artists who use tea or coffee to paint have to experiment a lot to find the right shades of color.

The correct shades can be achieved through different brands and types of tea and coffee. Tea or coffee painting is more than just using the mixture as paint, as it requires a lot of concentration, since not every kind of tea or coffee reacts the same way to oxygen or sunlight. That said, with a lot of practice and dedication, it isn’t impossible, and if you’re interested in trying it out as well, you need to get yourself an electric kettle to get started.

To read more about a real artist’s experience with tea and coffee painting, read

The Rights of a Single Mother

A mother may turn into a solitary guardian through separation, widowhood or an offense from the father of her kid. A single parent’s rights seeing such imperative issues as guardianship, youngster backing or appearance can differ from state to state. Having an unmistakable comprehension of these rights is basic. Rights in family law will first consider the requirements and privileges of the youngster over the needs and requests of either parent. In a perfect world, the best advantages of the child ought to be the essential criteria in all basic leadership. With regards to fundamental parental rights, the law endeavors to be impartial.

Essential rights

Essential parental rights apply similarly to both moms and fathers and stay with every guardian whether they are hitched or single unless a guardian surrenders these rights or accomplishes something that causes parental rights to be renounced. These rights incorporate the privilege to authority of their youngster, the privilege to expect dutifulness and collaboration from the child, the rights to any profit that the child may make, and the privilege to sue any individual who is blameworthy of wrongfully harming or completion the life of a kid. Every guardian likewise similarly bears particular obligations to the kid under the law. These obligations incorporate supporting and accommodating the youngster and ensuring that the kid is regulated and under control. These rights and obligations apply notwithstanding when the guardian is a minor. A single mom is even eligible for emergency housing for single mothers.

The Rights of a Single Mother


In decades past, moms were regularly given an inclination when it went to the parental right of care. This depended on a guideline called the “delicate year’s convention,” which presupposed that the relationship between the mother and the kid was more critical to a child’s advancement than the association with the father. We now comprehend that fatherly connections are pretty much as vital as maternal ones. The law has gotten to be impartial in zones of child guardianship however the myth still wins that the mother’s rights are given inclination.


Unless a father is perished or has ended every parental right, both folks need to work out an understanding with regards to the care of their youngster. If not, the court will choose by considering the accompanying elements: parental inclination, the youngster’s inclination, coherence for the child, guardian/kid connections, which parent has given essential care, any mental or physical wellbeing issues of either parent, any history of physical, sexual or substance misuse with respect to either parent, and money related capacity to give. A single parent may end up off guard in monetary ranges. Nonetheless, on the off chance that she has been the child’s essential parental figure, this can serve as favorable position in authority question.


Backing is another range that is frequently misjudged. It’s the youngster’s entitlement to be upheld monetarily and not either guardian’s entitlement to get subsidizing that is being referred to. Be that as it may, a single parent has the privilege to look for money related assistance from the father in supporting their youngster. Every guardian is in charge of this backing, yet the guardian who is profiting will more often than not be called upon to supply the bigger money related commitment. Notwithstanding when a guardian chooses not to see their youngster all the time, they are still in charge of paying child support.

Determining issues

A single parent who has been granted kid support has the privilege to legitimately seek after any unpaid backing. The neighborhood office of youngster bolster requirement can follow unpaid backing through various techniques. These techniques can incorporate embellished compensation, pulling back assets from unemployment remuneration, or even detainment. The mother does not have the privilege to withhold appearance from the father because of unpaid backing. A noncustodial guardian does not have the privilege to withhold kid bolster installments over any sort of question with the custodial guardian, including appearance issues.

End of rights

Automatic end of parental rights is an intense step that is just taken when a guardian exhibits a risk to the kid. Justification for end of parental rights incorporate mishandle or disregard, deserting, substance misuse, inability to bolster, mental lack or ailment. In the event that a single parent is in risk of having her parental rights ended, she might have the capacity to maintain a strategic distance from this by setting a kid being taken care of by a relative, contingent upon the laws in her state.