Finding Inspiration in Nature

When you are looking for inspiration for your next work of art, nature can serve as a starting point for your creative vision.  The colors of a sunset can easily be worked into a sophisticated sculpture while also serving as the palette for an abstract oil painting.  If you are looking for the source of your next artistic spark, consider exploring these natural areas.

Take a Walk in the Woods

One of the easiest ways to get connected with nature is to take a walk in the woods.  Whether it is a small local park or a large national forest, the colors, shapes, and shifting light can all inspire a new theme for your next work.  The simple curve of a tree branch may motivate you to try your hand at landscape art or may serve as a foundation for an abstract piece.  The color of the leaves may bring new depth to a monochromatic piece or be the final splash of accent color that your not-quite-finished work needed.

If you want to give yourself time to truly let the experience play with the creative centers or your mind, make sure and give yourself enough time to meander.  Bring a blanket and lie down on the ground, looking up through trees for a slightly different perspective and see what speaks to you.

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Let the Current Take You Away

Water can also serve as an excellent source of inspiration through its fluid motion, glassy finish, or wide array of cool and calming colors.  It also reflects other colors found within the world, including the golden or rosy tones of a sunrise or the thunderclouds of a storm.

When looking to connect more with the feel and flow of water, you can choose two main perspectives.  First, consider the water as it compares to a landscape.  Sit along a bank and observe how the water moves and changes.  For a different perspective, consider going out on the water.  The use of a simple, portable kayak, such as the Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, can allow you to surround yourself and appreciate the motion first hand.

Float Amongst the Clouds

A perspective few artists get to truly appreciate is the view from the clouds.  Whether it is through the window of an airplane, the basket of a hot air balloon, or drifting along on a hang glider, having the opportunity to look down on the world can show patterns you generally will not notice from the ground.  You can allow the rows in a field of crops to serve as the foundation on a powerful geometric piece, or the topography from above a mountain side to inspire something more organic.

Since time floating above ground is often limited, you may not have the time to appreciate the scenery in the same way you would on water or land.  This may necessitate bringing a way to better record your thoughts and feelings, as well as identify any colors that move you.

By looking to the tones, shades, and textures provided in the natural world, you can be sure to find something that speaks to you and your creative sensibilities.  Take your time to enjoy the spaces and see what stays with you even as you move away.  Use that to fuel your artistic fire and make your next piece a true work of art.

How to Start a Mini Art Gallery at Your Home

Rent for art galleries are becoming ridiculously expensive and is completely unnecessary if you already have a moderately beautiful home.  You can get your home remodeled into a mini art gallery and sell works of art from home while you skip out on expensive rental fees.  The internet can also help you make a huge success out of your home art gallery because you can feature and sell artwork online all over the world.

Get an interior designer for your mini art gallery

If you are going to be featuring a lot of rare pieces of art and if you are going to be entertaining a lot of celebrity guests at your home then an interior designer is an absolute must.  An interior designer will ensure that your home looks fantastic for displaying art and for implementing the right amount of lighting to promote the general look of fine art.  The interior designers will also improve the general functionality of your home and the overall look of your home so you will never be shy about receiving first class guests when they come to view some of the artworks.  One of the best interior designers or design firms that you should consider for your home transformations is Juan Pablo Molyneux and his firm.  Molyneux is an infamous interior designer with his own firm and he is one of the most popular and famous interior designers in the world.  He creates completely unique designs which will ensure that your mini art gallery looks ultimately stylish and luxurious.

How to Start a Mini Art Gallery at Your Home

Decide on a gallery name

Your gallery name should be short enough to remember but also complex enough to seem unique and artistic.  When you have decided on a terrific name for your mini art gallery you should get a big name board for your home so anyone who drives by can see that you are featuring an art gallery at your home.

Decide on what type of works you will be featuring

Are you going into rare paintings or do you prefer to uplift your local community?  Perhaps a combination of both?  The possibilities for artworks at your home are unlimited because it is your art gallery and you make the rules.  You can decide what is best for your own mini art gallery.

Start to invest in art

Once you have decided on the type of artworks that you will be featuring and selling then it is time to start looking for artists who have something to sell or who are willing to work on projects for your art gallery.  You can also seek out other works of art that are on the market and start investing in famous or well reputed artists to help put your mini art gallery on the map.

Promote, promote, promote!

If you are going to be running an art gallery from home then a good marketing strategy is vital.  You should get a website and display all of your works on the website and you should also advertise on social media sites and guest posts.  You should also host frequent art displays and art gallery gatherings or events to keep the public interested and to lure them to your art gallery.

Sewing Crafts as Art

Many sewing projects can pull double duty.  Not only are they functional pieces, but they can also serve as works of art in a space.  Through the strategic use of color and pattern, you can create unique items that bring visual interest into a space without investing in a piece that provides no other functional value.

If you are looking for projects that combine form and function, consider these sewing projects.

Sewing Crafts as Art

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are easy to design, and can provide various forms of functional value along with the aesthetic elements they bring to a room.  The best sewing machine for beginners can easily handle the sewing requirements for a simple throw pillow whether you intend to use a premade pillow form or use a specific filler.

If you want more flexibility than can be provided by a single pillow, consider creating a simple pillow in a neutral color and then sewing multiple slip on covers or cases for the same pillows.  This can allow you to change up you design with the season while only having to store empty cases when they are not in use.  Not only that, but other seasonal items can even be stored within the empty pillow cases allowing a wide variety of seasonal items to be easily located and organized.

For those looking to take their design to the next level, custom embroidery can truly make a piece stand out.  Whether you focus on simple geometric design or want to complete a piece with your favorite quote, quality embroidery can bring a sense of beauty without changing the function of the piece overall.

Placemats and Fabric Napkins

Two other simple projects that can bring in style while providing a valuable service are fabric placemats and napkins.  Placemats can help protect table tops from scratches or water rings while also helping to contain spills.  Fabric napkins are often seen as more environmentally friendly than disposable ones and, if made with the proper materials, are often very easy to clean using a standard household washing machine.

These smaller items are also easy to switch out regularly, allowing you to change the feel of a space based on the formality of the event taking place, or just in celebration of the changing seasons.  Similarly to pillow cases, storing pieces that are not currently in use are fairly simple, as the items do not take up a large amount of storage space.

Blankets and Quilts

If you are looking for a larger piece to make a statement within a space, consider designing a custom blanket or art quilt.  When used as the primary covering for a bed, the blanket or quilt can be the source of all other design inspiration within a room while also providing a cozy night’s sleep.  They can also provide interest in other spaces, such as draped over a sofa in a living room or den, or can be used as a piece of wall art when properly hung, while still allowing the piece to be functional when needed.

The artistic interest can be based on the varying materials or patterns chosen for the blankets and quilts, or can be based on the design of the stitching as a form of subtle texture in an otherwise monochromatic piece.

Bring creativity to life in your home

If your home is looking a bit dull you might want to look at investing in a couple of art pieces to bring it back to life. Whether it is splashes of color or an abstract masterpiece, the choice is yours. Everyone has their own individual taste when it comes to art. If you are a first time buyer you might want to look at a couple of tips online to help you decide on what your taste requires. Here are a few helpful tips to perk up your home and look at everything with a fresh eye. Also read more about how to incorporate art in your home.

Bring creativity to life in your home

Go with your instinct

Find what you love and buy it, it doesn’t have to be everyone else’s favorite. If you find inspiration in a painting of a cow then buy it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a true saying when it comes to art. Only you can determine which types of art you like and what works for you. Don’t be afraid to explore to find that stir inside you by just looking at a creation.

Anyone can define art

What is art? Who knows! Anyone can define art and you don’t need to be an educated art scholar to see an artwork for what it is. If you buy art for the first time you might purchase it from an unknown artist which is perfectly okay. You might however choose to buy a well known piece created by a famous artist that can be considered as an investment item from which you can earn a return in future by selling it privately or at an auction.

Zone in on a certain style or genre

Take a look at various types of art as previously mentioned. There are so many types for example sculptures, abstract paintings, fine art or modern. Art provides us with a wide world to explore. Different countries, cultures and traditions also consider different creations as art. Things that you might not consider to be art could be someone else’s masterpiece. Read more about different types of art.

Before creating your art space clear the air

Invest in a good air- purifier to create the perfect place to display your newly acquired pieces of art. Not only will it provide you with clean and pure air to enjoy, it will also give you the opportunity to take a deep clean breath while admiring your art. Take a look at some air purifier ratings to make your decision.

Get to know your favorite artists

If you find the niche that you are interested in get to know the artist. This will give you a better insight into the creation that you are looking at purchasing and will in turn give your masterpiece a story. It will also be fantastic to be one of the first to know if one of your favorite artists has created something new.

Study Art All over Europe by Traveling Cheaper

Looking at photos of art is not the same as looking at the same work of art. A lot of the detail gets lost in the photo such as the true colors of the paint, the texture of the paint, the strokes the artist used and the general vibe that surrounds the painting in its original country.  If you really want to improve your knowledge on art and on the world then it is time to start exploring art for real by visiting some of the most famous paintings that Europe has to offer.  Scouting art is a terrific way to spend a gap year because you will get to see the world and have a blast before you start on your career which can quickly become dull when you are stuck in the same place for years to come.  Take the plunge while you are young.  You will never get to travel as cheaply as you are able to when you are still young and single.

Study Art All over Europe by Traveling Cheaper

Try to get a group of friends involved

Involving a group of art loving friends in your art journey to Europe is a terrific way to make much more of your travels because you will get to enjoy one another’s company and you get more than one opinion on artworks.  Traveling in groups is also a terrific way to stay safe and to save money on your journeys.

How to find the best discounted flights

The most expensive part about international travels is often the flights.  When you are young you can travel light and live inexpensively but there is very little you can do when it comes to the expense of flights.  The top ways to find discounted flights are;

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Book in large quantities – A lot of airlines and online flight centers will supply you with a nice discount when you book in large quantities.  This is terrific news if you are traveling as a group of artists.

Book in advance – Some airlines offer terrific specials and discount rates to advanced bookings.

How to get cheaper accommodation

You should never wait for your departure to Europe before seeking accommodation.  The earlier you can book accommodation the more time you will have to seek out cheaper places, specials and discounted deals.  If you are traveling in a large group you are also sure to get some terrific discounts for your stay.

How to eat more affordably

Restaurants are terrific for making the most out of your journeys but they can make your trips incredibly expensive.  When you or a group is traveling to Europe you should try to find self-catering accommodations that allows you to prepare your own meals so you can save some money.

Creating Art through Upcycling

Art comes in many forms, but some materials can be quite expensive for the average person.  If you are interested in producing art in a more economical way, consider using the principles of upcycling when working on a design.  Various discarded household items can have a second life as art if it is given a chance.  If this sounds like something you would like to try, consider starting with the below listed suggestions.

Creating Art through Upcycling

Collages and Graphic Art

One of the simplest upcycling projects to begin with is creating a collage, or other form of graphic art, from discarded paper items.  You can choose to have a theme, such as with the creation of a dream board, or allow it to develop more organically.  The project can include pages or snippets from magazines, catalogues, or books that are otherwise damaged.  Otherwise, all you would need are a pair of scissors, a larger board or paper to serve as a backing, and some glue or tape.

Some less traditional options can include price tags from clothing, shoes, and accessories, product labels or boxes, mailers and old coupons, empty tissue boxes, and so much more.  If a paper-based item has a lovely color, pattern, or picture, it should be considered fair game.

Some lovely, minimalist pieces can be created from free paint swatches and some scissors, or a specialty paper punch tool.  You can create a bold, graphic design in minutes, using almost any color imaginable.

Glass Jars and Bottles

Empty glass jars and bottles have a lot of potential as art.  Once the labels are removed, glass items can be easily painted and tinted to create colorful displays appropriate for a variety of purposes and seasons.

For those who want to get a little more personal, glass etching can be done with some stencils and glass etching fluid.  Once the stencil is completely secured, you just add a coating of the glass etching medium and let it sit.  After the suggested amount of time has passed, you just rinse the etching fluid off and remove the stencil, leaving a lovely etched design behind.  If glass etching fluid sounds a little dangerous, you can also use a spray paint designed to leave a look similar to frosted glass.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can try your hand at glass cutting.  By using special tools, sections can be cut from bottles are jars.  They can be used to create a variety of pieces ranging from candle holders or luminaries, to wind chimes and sun catchers.  Some people even turn discard bottles into drinking glasses.  In all cases, it is important to properly sand the edges of any cut pieces to avoid injury.

Alternatives to Paint

Many discarded items can be used to create lovely alternatives to traditional paint.  For example, used lapsang souchong tea bags or discarded coffee grounds can be used to create an earthy brown shade that, when applied to paper, has an effect similar to that seen in traditional watercolors.

If you have some milk that may not be finished before it turns, you can combine that with a bite of lime and some chalk to create a lovely milk paint base that can be tinted to until you find your desired shade.  Children’s finger paints can also be created with some flour, salt, water, and food coloring.

Ways to Display Art at Home

Are you thinking of ways on how you can improve the way that your home looks like now? You have already paid attention to finding the right tools that can make home living easier. You have already found the best ironing boards that will allow you to iron at home without being stressed out too much. Aside from that, you have already found the perfect washing machine that comes with a dryer so you do not have to go to the laundry anymore for your dirty clothes.

Now that you have all the basics down pat, you have to pay attention to your home’s design. You may have accumulated some art works that you purchased over the years from different art galleries. You like to display them at your very own home not only to improve your home’s appearance but also to let other people see the beauty of the art works that you have picked out. You cannot help but wonder if there is a proper way to display art at your very own home.

Ways to Display Art at Home

There are some tips that you can follow that will allow you to display art works well. Are you already curious to know what these tips are?

  1. Decide what type of grid you would like to follow. If the design of your home is more traditional, you can go for the formal grid. This will match well with the exquisite and traditional pieces that you have placed inside your home. If your home has a modern design and has modern looking furniture, forget about the formal grid. You can become more creative in displaying art.
  2. If there are some blank spaces in different parts of your home, you already know where you should be placing the extra artworks. Take a look at the way that you have arranged your furniture. Do you think that one area will be perfect if you are going to place wall art there? Chances are, you are correct so by being critical, you will find out where you should be placing your art.
  3. Do not overlook objects that you find unattractive in the beginning. If you have picked out a few unique looking pieces from your flea market adventures, do not disregard or throw out those pieces yet because they might work well with some of the artworks that you have purchased. They may not look that good when they are not paired with anything else but they look amazing when placed with the artwork you have chosen.
  4. Consider if you can remove the frames. Once again, if you have a traditional looking home, it will be best to keep the frames but if in case you want the design to be more modern, you can remove the frames and just display the artworks in their full glory.

There are still a lot of things and ideas that you can base on to stack your artworks well. Try to get your creative juices flowing because this will improve the overall look of your home.

Painting Your Own Carpet

The carpet that you have in your room has been there for years and quite honestly, you are starting to become bored with how it looks. You have already grown older and the things that you like have already changed. Your taste has changed and looking at your room now, you cannot help but feel dissatisfied with what you see.

One of the easiest ways that you can change the overall look of your room is by changing the way that your floor looks. If you have always used carpets, you have two options. The first option is to have the carpet replaced. This means that even if your carpet is still fairly new or is still in good condition, you have to throw it away so that a new carpet will be placed. The second option that you have is to paint your own carpet.

Painting your own carpet can be a whole new idea and concept but it is possible now. Perhaps you would like cleaners who can do carpet cleaning in Escondido CA first so that your carpet will be clean before you start painting. Once your carpet is already clean, you can already start to paint your very own carpet.

Painting Your Own Carpet

Preparing Your Materials

You need to make sure that you have all the materials that you are going to use to paint your carpet from the paint to the paint thinner that you are going to use to erase the mistakes that you have made with the design that you have in mind.

When it comes to choosing the right paint, only choose upholstery paint because this will not make the fabric of your carpet to clump together. It is also best if you could use spray paint in order to get a nice and even consistency on your carpet.

Protecting The Rest of the Room

It does not mean that just because you are going to paint your carpet, your whole room is going to get painted on as well. You need to protect the rest of your room from the paint. Place some newspapers surrounding your carpet to protect your other flooring. Try not to be messy too while you are painting.

Creating Your Design

When it comes to placing your design, you are recommended to draw an outline first so that there is something that you can follow. At the same time, you can place tape that can protect the edges and other areas of the carpet that you do not like to get painted on. You will be surprised with the difference that this can make. Learn more on about creating your design from here.

Start Painting

Now that you have done all the things that are mentioned above, you can already start painting. When using spray paint, do not place the paint can too close to the carpet because this might cause over painting. Remember that it will be best to avoid paint splattering so that you will not ruin the rest of the items that you have at home.

Make sure that you will allow the paint of your carpet to dry so that you can use it quite well. You may have to wait from 8 – 10 hours before you can use it.

Why Choosing the Right Mattress Is Essential For Bed And Breakfasts

Competition amongst bed and breakfasts is incredibly tough, especially in smaller towns.  As a bed and breakfast you need to do everything you can to maintain a good front and to keep your guests satisfied or you can soon start losing a lot of income or your reputation can soon start to suffer.  There are plenty of things that can affect how your guests view your bed and breakfast.  The food needs to be of good quality, hospitality has to be great, the rooms have to be stylish when it comes to décor, the bathrooms, kitchens and linen needs to be clean and sanitary and the staff have to have good personalities.  But one of the things that most bed and breakfasts overlook when they try to please their guests is the mattresses.  A room’s mattress is probably one of the most important things that your bed and breakfast needs to upgrade right now to win favor in the eyes of their guests.

Why Choosing the Right Mattress Is Essential For Bed And Breakfasts

A good quality mattress is a must for guest satisfaction

It is already tough for your guests to sleep under a strange roof, in a strange room and in a strange town or city.  You need to ensure that they get the best possible nights rest when they stay over at your bed and breakfast so they can be alert and safe when they do business or travel on dangerous roads.  The easiest way to promote client satisfaction is to get a good quality mattress to help them sleep better and feel more refreshed.  You can have a look at to find the best quality mattress for the best price.

A good mattress will save your guesthouse a lot of money

Good quality mattresses can withstand a lot of punishment by different weights and will last a lot longer.  When you invest in a better quality mattress you won’t have to replace the mattresses for at least 15 years no matter how many guests stay over at your bed and breakfast.  The good quality mattresses are also much easier to clean when it comes to unexpected spills, stains and odors which will also help you save a lot of money on fumigation and cleaning processes and will ensure that your guests who sleep there are much healthier and more protected against diseases and germs.

Good quality mattresses are terrific for people with medical problems

Through the years plenty of people with plenty of different disorders, medical conditions and physical imparities will be visiting your bed and breakfast.   When your mattress is of good quality it will provide the needed support to all individuals with all problems which means that you won’t just win favor in the eyes of your healthy guests but you will also be helping your guests with problems enjoy their time there much more.

It is much better to seek out the best quality mattresses right from the start because you will be saving a lot of money in the long run and your bed and breakfast will be supplying the highest quality relaxation and treatment that each and every one of your guests deserves.

5 Ways to Make Art Interesting

You have to admit that not everyone can appreciate art. There are even some people who believe that art is something that should not be taken seriously. Some do not even bother checking out art galleries because they feel that art is all the same and they will not get anything out of it. Perhaps it is only going to take one painting or one work of art that will make people realize the reasons why art exists.

If you are an artist and you would like people to see the beauty of art, how are you going to do that? An artwork is not the same with the best portable band saw which comes with different features that will make it highly sought after by different individuals. Art is more relative. Some people may like the type of art that you do while others will be more appreciative of other styles, of other subjects and of different things. You cannot expect that you will make art universally interesting but you can make small changes that will make it become noticeable amidst all the other artworks available.

5 Ways to Make Art Interesting

  1. You can make art interesting by looking deep within your self and basing your art on something that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about something, you will be able to put your heart out into your work better. Passion can be evident through artwork and for sure, somebody will notice.
  2. You can think of new strategies and styles that the world has never seen before. Imitating someone else especially the style of someone who is famous will get you mild recognition. You may become known as someone who is good at imitating but is not good at creating. You do not want this type of label so make sure that you will be creative enough to think of something different.
  3. You can be specific about the audience that you are trying to reach out to. Who is your target audience? Are you trying to connect with people who are in their 20’s? Perhaps you want to reach out to people who are already in their golden years. You will be able to formulate art better when you know the people you want to reach.
  4. Become inspired. Even if you are passionate about art, there will be days when you will find yourself confused about the things that you should make. Try to do things that you know will make you inspired again.
  5. Understand the reason why you like creating art. If you do not know your reason for creating art, how do you think will you manage to gain the interest of other people? You may have different reasons why you do art. It may be because you are good at it. It may also be because you love doing it, you only feel alive when you are doing art. Once you accept your reason for doing art, it becomes more interesting to people who will see it.

Do you think that you can make art interesting again? You can if you believe you could.