5 Most Expensive Art Sales in 2013

We all know how some art items such as paintings and sculptures can become quite expensive. Depending on its age and also on the artist that brought such item to life, these masterpieces can literally cost a fortune. Every single year hundreds of famous masterpieces are sold internationally for million and millions. Let’s take a look at the 5 most expensive art sales that took place in 2013.

Le Reve by Pablo Picasso.

Le Reve is a French title that means “The Dream” in English. This is an oil painting that was created by worldwide famous Pablo Picasso back in 1932. This masterpiece has bright colors and is said that it was painted in an afternoon back in 24 of January of 1932. The size of this item is 130 x 97 cm. Picasso was experiencing one of his periods of distorted paintings. This item portrays his mistress Marie Therese Walter. The beautiful outlines and bright colors clearly resemble the style used during Fauvism. This painting was sold on March 26, 2013 for $135 million dollars for a private art lover.

Three Studies of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon

This beautiful and enigmatic painting was created by Frued’s friend, Francis Bacon. He created this item back in 1969 and it is an oil on canvas panting. Francis Bacon that was of Irish descent created this item on 3 different canvas, each one of them measuring 198 x 147. 5 cm. This item was sold for a very high price and was also the highest price attained at an auction. It was sold back in November 12, 2013.

Anna’s Light by Barnett Newman

Barnett Newman was an American artist that died in 1970. He is one of the main icons when it comes to abstract expressionism. He has done hundreds of paintings, most of them in the color field. Anna’s Light is basically a huge painting that was done back in 1968. It is basically a huge painting in the color red with some lines in different colors. It is a very expressive item that was sold back in October 4, 2013 for $105 Million dollars. It was sold for a worldwide famous private corporation.for more updates, go to the original source.

L’lle Aux Orties by Claude Monet

This enchanting and extremely old painting brought to the world by the iconic Claude Monet has indeed impressed millions worldwide. It was created back in 1897 and is an oil painting that has indeed made millions fall in love with the creativity of Monet. Sold in New York in November 2013, this item cost $8.1 million for a private company that wanted to call this masterpiece theirs.

most expensive art sales

Silver Car Crash by Andy Warhol

Created by the iconic and exotic Andy Warhol, this larger painting has beat the auction records as the most expensive painting by Andy Warhol sold by an auction. It was sold in November 2013 for $155 million dollars in New York.

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