7 Popular Art Blogs in 2014

We all know how important art is for us. There are different ways to express your favorite topics. Whether you prefer oil on canvas or abstract paintings, there is always a great blog for you to become a part of. Let’s take a look at the 7 main blogs dedicated to art that are up and about this year.

This blog is very nice for those who are looking for high quality content and tips. You will be able to find several different articles (and pages, that we will see later) that are 100% dedicated to art and people that have a passion for it. The writers of this blog have inspiration and give the public some ideas, tips and techniques to improve what they do. Some of the common topics are oil painting, pastel painting and coloring.

Artistdaily is the perfect blog for those who would like to know the experience of people that are on the field for years now. This blog has several different Ebooks available for people to download. It is a full blogging network that allows people from all over the world to share their worries, talents, tips and experience as a whole. With almost 400.000 users this blog is indeed a nice source of quality info.

This blog is the perfect opportunity for those who would like to learn some nice techniques with the professionals. The site is like a school that provides people of all levels the right instructions. This is the real university for those who would like to make art truly part of their lives. Who said art cannot give you an extra source of income?

This is the perfect blog for the art lovers that would like to know more about the latest trends and materials. Here readers will also be able to get free advice and read more about experienced people that have been on the field for years.

This is the right blog for those who would like to understand more on how they can sell their artworks and how they can get some income thanks to what they produce. The site does not cost a single thing for users. You can find tips for artists, photographers and also designers.

Wetcanvas is the largest forum of the web dedicated to artists and art lovers. With hundreds of different discussion categories, the site is a great source of content for those who would like to know more about the art world. Perfect for the experienced and also the very beginners.

popular art

This is the video channel/ blog for those who would like to see how everything works. The site is divided into different categories that helps bloggers see exactly what they would like to see. There are hundreds of videos that are explanatory and that also give tips for the beginners and experienced. Users can also create video lists and do a lot of other things.

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