Art and Crossfit-A Masterpiece Itself!

CROSSFITExercise is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Most people exercise at least three times a week some even more. There are many different forms of exercise routines. Some are easy like Pilates and some are hard like Crossfit. But no matter what routine you choose make sure you start out slow and increase your training over time. Yoga is a nice relaxing way to get some stretching in and relieve stress and tension in your body. It’s always best to start out with what’s called a warm up and then work your way into the heavy lifting and cardio, once you have completed your cardio and lifting then you want to do a cool down session for at least 10-20 minutes. This will help your heart rate to return to normal. Cardio increases your heart rate which helps you to burn calories it helps to have a workout routine that burns more calories than your taking in so that you stay healthy and fit.

One very popular exercise is Crossfit. It has become very popular in recent years and it’s very good at burning calories. It’s a more demanding type exercise since you have to do strength training and running but it helps build muscle fast and that is something that will help with wrestlers and athletes. Crossfit is very physical, you strive for excellence in your exercise routine. With Crossfit you are developing muscles and definition to your body and with this definition you become a work of art to other Crossfit enthusiasts. Crossfit is a great way to get exercise these days. It combines vigorous exercise with strength training to make a complete routine for you to follow on a daily basis.

Crossfit is very demanding hard work, it’s not something to be taken lightly. Without hard work and dedication you will never get anywhere. Crossfit comes from deep within since you put in to sweat and exercise with hopes of achieving a goal. The time and effort you put into it is totally important. When you train for Crossfit you get up super early and make sure you have the right equipment such as trainers. In order to find the right equipment you have to know where to look. So you find a review online and Athletic Muscle reviews the top Crossfit shoes of 2014, which makes it a snap to find the right trainers. One thing that art and Crossfit have in common is that even in art there is a big attraction to muscles on men and women of all stages of life.

When Michelangelo made David, did he craft a skinny guy with no muscles? No he crafted a masculine man with lots of muscle and definition. This just goes to show that art and Crossfit have so much more in common than most people think. If it wasn’t for exercise and muscle tone we would have a very skinny David with no muscles and that just doesn’t seem like it would look appropriate.



Creative Foods: The Artistic Approach to Healthy Snacks

healthy snacksTruth be told, there a lot of crafty people in this world. With the growth of Pinterest, these food crafters are able to share their unique healthy snacks that are fashioned to be very artistic. Making snacks and desserts in a decorative fashion is a concept that has really taken the food industry by storm. People are willing to pay more for the presentation of their food in a unique way instead of it just being items on a plate. Lucky for you, it’s simple to create artistic foods in your very own kitchen with these tips.

  1. Select a Theme – Artistic desserts come in many shapes and sizes. If you are coordinating your snacks for a party then you will want to select a specific theme. For example, with a kids Sesame Street party you could arrange the vegetables and fruits to look like the faces of the characters. A bridal or baby shower could require desserts that use pastel colors and have flowers, birds or other Spring-like characteristics.
  2. Choose a Dessert – Ask yourself what kind of dessert you would like to serve for your party. While cakes, cupcakes and pastries have always been a traditional choice, more people are choosing healthier options today. Browse your Pinterest board for some low carb dessert ideas or check out your favorite dessert blog. You also customize a specific dessert to meet certain dietary restrictions. For example, you can substitute coconut or almond flour in your favorite cookie recipe to give it more protein power and lower the calories and fat. You could also substitute banana for eggs or a calorie-free sweetener for sugar to help make a recipe healthier.
  3. Get Inspired – Once you have the theme picked out and the dessert ideas ready, you need to be inspired. Many of us are not all that talented in the world of food art. Browse the internet for some pictures of items that match both your dessert choice and theme choice. Next you will want to seek out tutorials or attempt to figure out how to go about creating your masterpiece yourself. Video sites like YouTube are also an excellent option for tutorials because it is easier to see the work in progress than it is with written directions.
  4. Do the Packaging Right – In most cases, you are going to have to transport your dessert items to the venue for the party. This is where everything can go awry. Driving can cause your items to shift from their place. Bumps in the road can cause cakes to crack. And the outside elements and internal temperatures of your vehicle may cause things to melt, slosh and look less than ideal. The one thing that tutorials often skip is how to package up your items for transport. If you are keeping it simple with something like cupcakes or cookies the you can pick up specialty dessert boxes at your local craft store with inserts that hold the items in place. If you are working with fruit then you will want to use Styrofoam to stabilize the base or create a barrier to keep the food in place.

With these easy steps you will have your friends and family in awe over your unique food art talent.


The Art of Glass Blowing

best infrared thermometerGlass blowing is an artistic talent to be envious of. It takes a significant amount of practice and patience. The end result is a beautiful piece of art that can be worn or displayed for everyone to see. Glass blowing started back in ancient times and has changed dramatically over the years. Today we see only a handful of crafters around the globe with a truly remarkable talent for this art form.


The first item to be considered a natural glass was obsidian. This stone is formed when a volcano erupts. It has a distinctive hardness that made it a popular material for arrowheads and other tools. It wasn’t until around 300BC that the first blowpipe was developed. This blowpipe ultimately became the foundation for modern day glass blowing. The Romans were the first to experiment with using the blowpipe to mold materials into different shapes. Unfortunately, much of their knowledge was lost in the Dark Ages which created a dying out of the art form. It was then resurrected in Italy during the Middle Ages thanks to trade secrets about the art form which were learned from the Middle East.

In 1921, the government wanted to control the glassblowing trade so they forced all artisans to move to Murano Island. This is where the craft really came to be. During the exile, crafters were able to perfect their art using minerals and sand from the island. By the time the craft finally made it to American it was 1607. It wasn’t until the 1800s that glass production was made faster through machine presses. At this time glass was less of an art and more of a way to make marketable everyday products such as glasses, jars and vases. Of course, this created a huge job market at a time when those were desperately needed and gave a new item for the home for the upper classes.

Somewhere between the late 1960s and now glassblowing came back to its roots. Studios began popping up in cities around the globe with unique crafted items such a Christmas bulbs, jewelry and custom dishes and vases.

Glassblowing Today

There are not many people lining up to become glass blowers today. Aside from the handful of shops you can find, the primary source of these artisans is at large festivals where they do their blowing for show and sell the items that they make. Luckily there are only a few items truly needed to be an effective glassblower. The first is a long bowing pipe and a very hot fire. Next you will want to use an infrared thermometer to check the temperature of the fire without getting too close. Finally you need some sand and other elements that turn into glass under the heat and pressure. You use the best infrared thermometer to check the temperature of the glass ball as well to ensure it is at the right temperature to mold and not break. Additional tools that are used include anvils, protective heat-resistant gloves and an array of metal tools which are used to shape the glass into everything from intricate flowers to dynamic sculpted trees.

Upcycling Bicycles to Art

bike-table-designUpcycling is the art of taking something old and making it new again or using an item for a completely different purpose. The upcycling movement has been on the rise as more and more people look for fun and unique ways to use everyday items that they no longer need. Instead of tossing these items into landfills, upcycling gives them a second lease on life. One of the most popular items to upcycle is the bicycle. You can use parts of a bicycle for a variety of purposes to create gifts and home decor items. Some people even take their upcycled items and sell them as a way to earn a living.

Chandelier – Imagine taking your favorite beer bottles, some wire, an old bicycle rim and some christmas lights and creating something magical. That is exactly what people are doing these days when they create a bike rim chandelier. The concept is pretty simple. Carefully drill holes in the tops of each glass bottle and attach them with heavy duty wire around the edge of the rim. You want to space them several inches apart and attach an additional bottle in the center. 6-8 bottle should suffice for an adult size bicycle rim. Next, wrap christmas lights around the rim and stuff strands into each bottle. Hang over your dining room table, plug in and enjoy!

Wall Art – A bicycle tire can make beautiful wall art. The best approach is to start by painting the tire to match your color scheme. Next you will want to dress it up with ribbons, lights or flowers. You could even craft a wooden sign with a catchy phrase and let it hang from the spokes of the tire. Securely mount your tire onto the wall above a piece of furniture for the best accent feature.

Beverage Cart – What home isn’t complete without a beverage cart? Unfortunately a quality cart can be very expensive. Lucky for you this is just another item which you can fashion from upcycled parts. Start with four bike tires that are equal size. You want to use large brackets to fasten them to each other and create a moving cart. Next, attach an old table top or small door above the tires. There should be space for the tires to spin. Give it a good paint job and decorate it for the perfect wheelable beverage tray. It will be a hit at parties. Crafts like this sometimes require extra parts which you can easily order online from shops like VelMoFo.

Pot or Plant Hanger -Sometimes there just isn’t enough storage available in your home and you have to improvise. This is exactly something that can be accomplished with a bicycle rim. Use sturdy wire and hooks to fasten a rim to your ceiling. Attach pot or plant hooks on the edge of the rim and the spokes. Hang your favorite pots or plants and your are all set. You can easily complete this upcycle project in a few hours. This is a great idea for anyone who lives in a smaller area and wants to have an indoor garden. Your plants will be kept up high away from your pets and children while having plenty of room to grow.

Is Art Worth the Investment?

Some of the most famous paintings in the world are considered “priceless”. But then there are those that sell for millions or even billions of dollars and hang beautifully in a home or office for eternity. There are even those that are bought in the early years of an artist for just a few dollars. The point is, art is money – but is it worth the investment. Here is a breakdown of how art can enrich your life and what to consider when investing.

The Work & Artist

When you invest in a piece of art you are investing in the artist. He takes pride in having sold a piece even if it’s only for a few dollars. One day that artist could become famous which would make your early work worth substantially more. Even if the artist never becomes a household name, you can take comfort in knowing that you invested in someone’s future.

Now, if you invest in a great artist or a piece of art that is already well-known then you are making an investment that will pay dividends long after you are gone. Great art work has no limit on its value. A piece can be appraised for one price and sold for double or triple the value as enthusiasts fight in a bidding war to be the collector of that piece. This means that if you were to sell a high profile piece, you could make a pretty penny.

What to Consider When Investing

moneyedup investing in artMost people who invest in artwork take time to learn about their options. You see, you do not just purchase a painting and hang it on the wall indefinitely. You may want to loan your piece to museums at a fee and you will definitely need to take proper care in maintaining the work through proper cleaning and storage. There are many factors that attribute to the age of a painting. It is best to speak with a restorative artist on how to properly store and care for you artwork before investing.

Investing in artwork is just like investing in anything else. You have to be prepared for what could happen and know that you may never get a return on your investment. Having a background in investing is the best place to start before you make the decision to purchase a true piece of art. is a site designed to educate individuals on what to consider when investing and to learn how to navigate the volatile market. Before you sink your life’s earnings into a beautiful canvas, be sure to learn what you can expect for the future.

Other Types of Art Investments

Typically when you think about investing in art you are thinking about canvas paintings. However, there are many different forms of art. Music is considered an art that we all invest in on a daily basis by downloading songs or listening to the radio. Sculptures are another popular form of art that, when chosen well, yield large returns on the initial investment. Artifacts are also a form of art. We usually think about these items in museums but the truth is that there are hundreds of private collectors in the world who spend the time finding these wonderful pieces of history that are truly priceless. When you invest in art you invest in a culture, a belief, a person and the future of a niche.

Do Your Kids Have Artistic Potential?

ART CONTESTS FOR KIDSDoes your child have a great artistic potential? If you are the kind of parent with a child who is always drawing, painting and making art than you may want to check this out. There are children’s art contests. There are competitive and non-competitive categories. How proud would your child be to win or even enter such a contest? Art contests for kids has all kinds of contests with different themes and objectives. They have an array of projects to work on and they always have something new to enter. Honing your child’s artistic skills could be of great help to them in the future. All schools have art classes and who knows, they may even grow up to become an artist someday because of one of these contests.
Children learn a lot from competition. They learn that they can’t always win, which is a much more important lesson than some parents give it credit for being. Letting your child win at everything all the time gives them a false sense of the world around them and the rules by which that world works. They often grow up to be sore losers and have anger issues. Being in contests young teaches them the value of trying even if they don’t win. Also it teaches them to try harder for what they want and to dedicate themselves to their work, no matter what in life that may be at the time. If they don’t win you can teach them that practice and patients is the way to get better at anything in life. You have to be willing to work hard for what you want and a lot of kids don’t understand that concept.
It also teaches them that there will always be someone who might be better at something than they are but that it is just one more reason to work hard and dedicate themselves to anything they hope to achieve. No parent wants their children to grow up as sore losers. Also, just being included in something like this makes them feel special, like they have done something worthy or judging. If they do win it will be a real self esteem boost, especially if they had to lose a few times and work hard to get that win.
Developmentally, children who learn that you can’t always win do better and try harder than others. If they know from a young age that no one will just hand them a win than they will work hard their whole life to achieve their goals. Some of the smartest and most prominent members of society were the ones who, as children, had parents who never threw a card game to make their kids smile. They knew they had to be the best to win the game and that lesson stuck with them.
These art contests have different themes such as the one where you draw the most important thing or person to you in the image of a stained glass window. They have all kinds of different themes for their contests so if your child is better at one kind of art than another you can enter them into the correct competition. The competitive contests do have a very small entrance fee but what is five dollars compared to the idea of your child being the best at everything that they possibly can be. Give it a try and see if you and your child enjoy the experience. If you like, you can start out entering a non competitive contest to see if they enjoy it and then if they do, later you can enter them into the competitive arena.

Finding a source of inspiration

FINDING INSPIRATION PHOTOPainting is one of the most creative things one can do in their free time. Dozens of men have dedicated their whole life to create just one masterpiece that would change people’s perception of the world, create a new form of art, and impress the critics. Famous geniuses like Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and others were passionate painters, who lived a life very different from that of others in the same era. Artists and painters have a different mind set, they act differently, think and behave differently, sometimes seen as strange and uncommon by others. But most importantly – they create, and that process not only requires a certain atmosphere, setting and idea, but also inspiration, all of which are enhanced by the individual talent that results in masterpieces.

They say that talent is something that you are born with – you cannot develop it, and you most certainly cannot buy it. May in the future, when we have other means of upgrading and uploading information into our brain, this will be possible, but not yet. An option you have, if you really want to experiment with painting is to go to an art exhibition, do online research or frequent an art gallery, to find pieces that you like, explore the art forms and styles that are most fascinating to you and read more about the technique that painters use in order to create one piece or another.

A great way to put yourself in a certain mindset, in order to think creatively, use your imagination to its fullest and reap inspiration is choosing the perfect location. This can also influence you to paint that landscape, in order to portray the beauty that you will be marvelling at. Many artists choose to go somewhere with the most pristine natural beauty, a place which is developed yet unspoiled, where you can see the all the glory and elegance of the trees, flowers, water, the sky and the sun, and everything around them. Staying by a lake is an excellent option that not only inspire, but also show you all the colors that this world has, staying for example at the Marinas at Norris Lake, TN is a great way to experience and see what masterpieces you can create there, surrounded by unsurpassed grace of nature.

Regardless of your age and social status, try to spend some time by yourself in a secluded place at least for a week. Submerge yourself into a peaceful atmosphere, where your body and mind can become one, you can meditate, or just look around you. Explore the natural beauty surrounding you by hiking, take a rug with you, and lay it among the trees, sit there, close your eyes and just let your imagination loose. You will be surprised how many thoughts, ideas and interesting concepts you can create like this. It may not all come immediately, but with time, you will learn how to block out external factors and just really let go of everything and feel free to let your mind do whatever it wants and paint whichever pictures come there.

If you really feel an artist’s block, then change your scenery, step out of your comfort zone and do something that you haven’t done before. Apart from traveling to a new place where you don’t know anyone, try to experiment with the food that you eat, or places that you frequent – learn a new sport, or undertake a new community project. There is a number of exciting ways in which you can really change your outlook on life, and you will receive inspiration to create wonders.


How to purchase gear for the transportation of art pieces


 movers photo

Every employer, especially those representing a large industrial enterprise, but also ones responsible for the transfer of art masterpieces, knows that providing high quality, safe and comfortable gear for the workers, as part of their protection, will result in higher productivity. It will also decrease the number of incidents and work-induced injuries, and thus will decrease financial losses in paying for these occupational hazards. It is therefore important to provide workers not only with special clothing, but also footwear in a form of boots or shoes, that will altogether protect the worker from hypothermia, exposure to moisture and corrosive chemicals, injuries, slips, electrical shocks and more. Investing in top quality gear will ultimately have a positive effect on your output and revenue.

The main purpose of uniforms and special wear for workers is to protect their health and ensure comfortable working conditions. In order for the clothes to serve these purposes, they must be of high quality, stain resistant, easy to clean and easy to use. Therefore, when choosing the garments for your workers, pay attention to the material from which they are made, the durability, and available models that will be easy to wear. Most often, the materials used for work wear are cotton, polyester or a blend of fabrics, all of which have their pros and cons. When it comes to cotton, it allows the skin to breathe, which is important for work in hot temperatures, but it is not durable and can be easily ripped. When wearing polyester, it insulates warmth, and doesn’t let the skin breathe, it is, however more flexible, elastic and durable than cotton. The best material is the blend of fabrics, as it has the advantages of both cotton and polyester, and is not very expensive.

Once settled on the material of the work garments, it is important to choose the right model, as it can’t be too tight, preventing workers from free movement; or too loose, as it increases the risk of injuries. There are also different styles that have multiple deep pockets, belt loops, adjustable shoulder straps, detachable parts, warming pads and more features that can make the clothes more comfortable and functional for the workers. Choosing the right clothes for your workers, depending on the kind of working environment they are mostly located in, that adhere to safety regulations and meet the quality requirements can be easily done over the Internet, at your convenience.

Choosing the right footwear for your workers is an issue that must be addressed in full detail, as this can also decrease the risk of occupational injury and relieve you of financial obligations and stress related to it. Based on work boot reviews, there are several requirements to look for and these include safety, comfort and features that adhere to weather conditions at work. When thinking about purchasing work shoes, you must buy top quality shoes, made from durable material, that is non-slip and provides comfortable shoes or boots that are easy to wear. If workers are exposed to harsh weather conditions such as snow, their boots must be well insulated, perhaps even lined with fur; if they work in areas with high humidity, it is best to choose high rubber boots that will keep the feet dry at all times; whereas the summer shoes should be less bulky and must provide good ventilation for sweating feet to prevent swelling and creation of calluses.

An important factor to consider is the type of work that your employees do – if it has something to do with areas with corrosive elements and chemicals, it is best to choose shoes with thick soles that are resistant; if they have to carry large heavy objects, to prevent injuries, in case these fall, is to purchase special boots with steel toe that will protect the feet.


Art & Fitness? The Latest Fitness Revolution


Zumba Photo In the recent years, more and more people started paying attention to sports, fitness and workout exercises, which combined with proper dietary habits and reduced stress leads to a healthy body and elevated spirit. With an abundance of fitness programs, such as Pilates, Yoga, Kick-Boxing, Zumba, Spinning, Step, Aerobics and more, there is an activity geared for any taste and age. Depending on the result you want to achieve and the free time you have, you can choose something that will suit your lifestyle best. We witness that fitness centers and gyms are appearing in every neighborhood in the country on a weekly basis, but after you have made the initial step and signed up for a membership, you are faced with the following challenge – what shoes and clothes do you and will you need?

When it comes to choosing clothes to wear during a fitness session, it is important to wear natural materials that are comfortable, and ensure the freedom of your movement. The last thing you need is to worry about ripping your pants, or getting caught up in an oversized T-shirt on the treadmill. Not only will the right clothing minimize the risk of an injury, but they will also allow you to enjoy the workout more. Choosing the right garments differs for men and women, as the first choose their fitness gear based on comfort, and the latter – so that it looks nice and conceals what they think are flaws. It is essential to choose a gym with showers and lockers, so you can change in and out of your fitness clothes and freshen up. Worrying about where you can put your work clothes, or shoes that are covered with mud after a rainy day, is not something you want to do during an intensive workout.

While during fitness exercises it is completely acceptable to wear a T-shirt and jogging pants, when it comes to shoes, you must choose these wisely, as there are now various shoe types designed for special activities. For example, jogging shoes and those for short interval training differ, and while shoes with thick soles may be comfortable for a general workout, they are not suitable for aerobics. Some of the main characteristics of the shoes that you choose to purchase are – comfort, flexibility, weight and durability. For example, shoes that will be chosen for Zumba, such as these here, must be very flexible, ultra light, breathable, and provide maximum comfort and support for your feet, as this kind of workout involves fast dancing technique combined with aerobics.

Zumba Fitness

It is essential to choose the sneakers based on their material and quality, if it is poor, then the shoes may fall apart or hurt your feet and even create a bad smell. You must also make sure to purchase the shoes that are of appropriate size, if the model that you want is not available in your shoe size, choose something different, because if you buy shoes that are too small, or too big, it will cause discomfort. The sole of the shoes means a lot and adds to the overall experience, so a little research by yourself prior to buying something, as it will give you an opportunity to understand what you are looking for.

If you are looking to save money, in the long run you will see that investing in a good pair of sports shoes will prove to be more profitable- as they will last longer and you will be assured that there will be no minor accidents with the shoes falling apart, for example, on the first day. And not only do we now have the opportunity to choose the right shoe that will offer us ideal support and comfort, but there are so many beautiful shoes available on the market, that fitness will never be boring again!