Great Motorcycle Inclusive Artists

Motorcycles are works of art in and of themselves. The chrome and shiny paint is certainly an eye catcher. Then there are those who go the extra mile to get custom art painted on to the tanks and saddles. However, we are more intrigued by the artists who represent motorcycles in print form. These individuals can be considered great motorcycle inclusive artists, and their works are awaiting a place on your walls.

Perchance, a motorcycle accident lawyer might benefit from making a purchase from one of these gifted artists. This way, those who have answered the call of the open road, who have embraced the thrill of the wide open spaces, will be reminded of its beauty should they wind up needing an attorney. Choosing an attorney like the one on the end of that link means you get someone who rides a motorcycle too. And, if they’ve got great motorcycle art to boot, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Great Motorcycle Inclusive Artists

Phenomenal Motorcycle Artists

The individuals on this list have an appreciation for the fine lines and power represented by these gorgeous machines. They are phenomenal motorcycle artists who deserve some attention. So, please take some time to investigate the incredible art produced by these individuals:

  • Brian Commerford– He claims to be a story teller in his paintings. And, says he has a desire to bring joy into everything he does.
  • Mark Rogan- His medium is photography. He’s been able to photograph a number of classic motorcycles in the UK and the US. The motorcycle enthusiast is sure to find something they love in his images. You can check them out for yourself here.
  • Brad Holderman– Brad’s love of photography shines through the raw and real images he takes. His up close Harley engine picture is highly desirable.
  • Nikki Smith– She is an artist and entrepreneur. Her images evoke thoughts of scientific discovery. It’s like she’s creating diagrams to better understand the motorcycle and its workings. Think Leonardo da Vinci’s, Vitruvian Man. If you are having a hard time picturing it, then click this for some examples of her work.
  • Pablo Franchi– He is an artist who uses pen and ink as a medium. He might do things in pencil too. His sketches include images of Indian and Harley Davidson motorcycles.
  • Gary Kroman- Fatboy Sunset seems to be his main motorcycle image. But, if you like all things rock and roll, this is the artist for you.
  • Giuseppe Cristiano– He got his start as a comic book artists working on lots of different storyboards. Ride and Wheels are his most notable motorcycle centered pieces.
  • Daniel Hagerman– Hagerman is a computer geek. He spends his time restoring historic photos. So, most of his works are not necessarily original, just rejuvenated.
  • Mike McGlothlen- He has found the happy union of art and technology. His photos are digitally enhanced, and he is now a full time artist living in North Carolina. You’ll love his motorcycle art though, so follow this link to see what he can offer.
  • Russell Pierce– He’s a graphic designer with professional training. He likes digital work, but also enjoys making art with oils and pastels.
  • Bill Cannon– A photographer and digital artist, Cannon’s work has been featured in print and on TV. Leaning Hard is a particularly interesting piece.

If you’d like to see more motorcycle art you can go here.

How You Can Sell Your Paintings

There are a lot of things that you may want to focus on in life. For instance, you would like to get the chance to have your very own online business with the use of a tool that can help you out. Some are saying that the wealthy affiliate scam is not real but isn’t it that the results will always be different even for people who are doing similar things.

Your online business will always depend on the things that you are going to do. Even with the help of a tool that will allow you to sell your artwork better, it will still work if you could sell your art appropriately.

How You Can Sell Your Paintings

If you would like to sell your artwork online, here are some places wherein you can sell them:

  1. Ebay – Do not underestimate the power of eBay especially since it is a place where people can bid for the items that they want to acquire. You can set the starting bid of your painting to a reasonable price so that you will get a profit when you sell it.
  2. Amazon – This is considered to be one of the largest directory of online stores because it will allow you to sell anything that you want. Selling your artwork will not be an issue when you post pictures of your painting through the site.
  3. Art Pal – This is known as a free gallery wherein people can look for art and actually sell art. You can sell your artworks here. A lot of times, you can get about 95% of the artwork that you have sold. This is a great place if you are selling artworks made by other artists and you are hoping to get a profit but if you are an artist, you can choose to sell your original artwork here too.
  4. Cafe Press – If the artwork that you sell is unique and different from all the others, you can get featured on this site so you will gain the recognition that you deserve.
  5. Etsy – This is a known site that caters to a lot of artists who are trying to sell their original artwork. If you love creating handcrafted pieces, you will have no trouble with selling some of your items through this site at all.

Of course, if you do not want to rely on other websites, you can always create your own site. Just make sure that you will use the right tools to create your website properly especially if you have no knowledge about coding, programming and website design.

Another option for you is to hire a professional who can sell your artwork. This is only recommended though if you have the extra money for it. A lot of struggling artists do not so you can always choose to do the options that are mentioned above instead.

If you do not sell your artwork immediately, you should not feel down. You should not feel like everything is going against you. Your time will come as long as you are patient and passionate about your artwork.

10 essential items every artist should have

Like a craftsman or tradesman an artist needs a toolkit. Whether you are a well-known artist or aspiring to be the next Monet, there are certain items no artist can go without. In order to create your masterpiece you would need the perfect toolkit. Depending on which type of art you specialize in, abstract, modern or fine art you would need to make a bit of an investment to get started. If you are on a budget there are various items you can make rather easily.  Here is a list of a few must-have items every artist should have in their toolkit.

10 essential items every artist should have


Ideal for sketching or getting your idea on paper, pencils are a necessity. There are so many brands to choose from, find the one that you feel the most comfortable using and keep one or two with you at all times. Your masterpiece might come to you while sitting on a train or in a restaurant.


Certain artists prefer to sketch with pens and for this reason you might want to have a couple in your toolkit. Perhaps pen sketching is your forte.

Paper and sketchbooks

Always have paper or a sketchbook on hand. You never know when you might get a creative burst or inspiration to draw something.

Canvas or watercolor paper

Depending on your chosen method of painting, make sure you have enough canvas or paper available and ready to start your painting with.


A Maulstick is a support for your painting hand. It is an amazing invention that will make your painting experience more comfortable and also help you to avoid a painful wrist. Click here to read more about Maulsticks.

Personal hygiene

This isn’t an item for your toolbox but just because you find yourself lost in your next masterpiece doesn’t mean you should let go of your grooming process. Take a look at the best shaver options and brush your hair for a change. There is already enough of a stigma attached to artists and the messy artist look.

A sturdy easel

Easels are sometimes quite pricey but an absolute necessity for any artist. You will not be able to paint as well or see your picture with an artist’s eye on a flat surface. If you are on a budget you can make your own easel quite easily. Click here for tips on how to make your own artist’s easel.

A large enough palette

Painting with acrylic paints require quite a bit of mixing to obtain that perfect shade that you might need for a sunset sky or a wonderful seascape. Don’t get stuck with too little space on your palette for mixing, get a big enough one with a comfortable shape to hold while painting.


Fan brushes, thick brushes and thin brushes, the most obvious items you would need in your toolkit. Make sure you have a variety of brushes to be able to experiment in order to always get that desired effect in your painting. What is an artist without paintbrushes?

Finding Inspiration in Nature

When you are looking for inspiration for your next work of art, nature can serve as a starting point for your creative vision.  The colors of a sunset can easily be worked into a sophisticated sculpture while also serving as the palette for an abstract oil painting.  If you are looking for the source of your next artistic spark, consider exploring these natural areas.

Take a Walk in the Woods

One of the easiest ways to get connected with nature is to take a walk in the woods.  Whether it is a small local park or a large national forest, the colors, shapes, and shifting light can all inspire a new theme for your next work.  The simple curve of a tree branch may motivate you to try your hand at landscape art or may serve as a foundation for an abstract piece.  The color of the leaves may bring new depth to a monochromatic piece or be the final splash of accent color that your not-quite-finished work needed.

If you want to give yourself time to truly let the experience play with the creative centers or your mind, make sure and give yourself enough time to meander.  Bring a blanket and lie down on the ground, looking up through trees for a slightly different perspective and see what speaks to you.

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Let the Current Take You Away

Water can also serve as an excellent source of inspiration through its fluid motion, glassy finish, or wide array of cool and calming colors.  It also reflects other colors found within the world, including the golden or rosy tones of a sunrise or the thunderclouds of a storm.

When looking to connect more with the feel and flow of water, you can choose two main perspectives.  First, consider the water as it compares to a landscape.  Sit along a bank and observe how the water moves and changes.  For a different perspective, consider going out on the water.  The use of a simple, portable kayak like he ones found here, can allow you to surround yourself and appreciate the motion first hand.

Float Amongst the Clouds

A perspective few artists get to truly appreciate is the view from the clouds.  Whether it is through the window of an airplane, the basket of a hot air balloon, or drifting along on a hang glider, having the opportunity to look down on the world can show patterns you generally will not notice from the ground.  You can allow the rows in a field of crops to serve as the foundation on a powerful geometric piece, or the topography from above a mountain side to inspire something more organic.

Since time floating above ground is often limited, you may not have the time to appreciate the scenery in the same way you would on water or land.  This may necessitate bringing a way to better record your thoughts and feelings, as well as identify any colors that move you.

By looking to the tones, shades, and textures provided in the natural world, you can be sure to find something that speaks to you and your creative sensibilities.  Take your time to enjoy the spaces and see what stays with you even as you move away.  Use that to fuel your artistic fire and make your next piece a true work of art.

The Many Benefits of Being Creative

In life, there will be moments when you cannot help but become busy. When this happens, you have the tendency to only focus on your tasks and to only focus on the things that you have to accomplish. At the end of the day, you know that you have done everything that you can but are you satisfied with what you are doing?

Naturally creative people usually feel unhappy doing work that will not allow them to express their creativity. They feel that they do not have any input in the task because they just did what is being asked of them. The lack of creativity often makes you lose inspiration so it will be best if you can make an effort to be creative during your spare time.

How do you express your creativity? Are you a photographer Calgary who loves taking pictures of almost everything that you see? Are you an artist who lives to paint things that people have never seen before? Perhaps you are a writer and you would like to express your emotions through words. There are different ways that you can be creative and for you to be encouraged, you need to know the many benefits of being creative.

The Many Benefits of Being Creative

  1. When you are creative, you become better at problem solving.

You have to remember that in life, you will always encounter problems that you would not know how to solve easily but when you are constantly exposed to your form of art, you will figure out more ways on how you can work around certain situations. This means that you can think of solutions that less creative people would not be able to think about.

  1. You appreciate time more.

If there is one thing that money cannot buy, it is time. There are times when you feel like you are only wasting time, doing nothing that is fruitful, doing nothing that will benefit you. When you do something that you love and you become creative doing it, you gain more sense of time. When you feel like you have done something that is worth your time, and then you tend to feel better too.

  1. You feel more free.

When you are an artist, no one will be able to dictate about the things that you should do. If you are making a film then you know that your film is your own. No one can tell you what to do otherwise. When you have the chance to do what you want, you feel a sense of freedom that you will not get when you are stuck in the office doing errands that you do not want to do but have to. When you are being creative, you will feel good about yourself.

It is apparent that being creative comes with a lot of benefits. You can know more about the various benefits from here. One of the most important advantages that you can get is the fact that you will let go of your feelings of stress. When you are less stressed, you will also have a tendency to feel better about life in general.

The Best Stethoscopes for Art-Lovings

Just because you are a doctor or medical specialist does not mean that your only passion has to be in the medical field. Many medical professionals absolutely love to do art in their spare time because creating wondrous artworks relaxes them and takes the edge off their tough careers.  Medical geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci helped shape the medical world as we know it and so many medical professionals were only able to learn how to save lives through valuable artworks of the human form and organs.  Modern technology may have transformed the medical need for artists but medics and art will always be linked.  Scientists have even started believing that art classes help medical professionals become much better at their career.

Medical professionals need the right gear as much as they need their art

Art may relieve medical professionals and help them along in their work but to really make a difference in the lives of people, medical professionals need the right gear.  One of the most commonly used and most needed pieces of pieces of medical equipment amongst medical professionals is a stethoscope.  Stethoscopes were developed in the early 1800’s and over the last few centuries transformed from a simple wooden tube to various different stethoscopes that help save lives each and every day.

The Best Stethoscopes for Art-Lovings

Different types of stethoscopes on the market

There are about nine different versions of stethoscopes on the market.  The most commonly used stethoscopes include;

Acoustic – This is the most commonly used stethoscope and consists of hollow tubes that transmit chest and body sounds to a medical professional’s ears.

Electronic – These function just about the same as the acoustic types but work electronically to provide medical specialists with louder and clearer sounds.

Hearing Impaired – These stethoscopes are for medical professionals with hearing problems.   They can tune the sounds as loud as they need to help them pick up on medical problems.

Fetal – These are used to listen to the heartbeats of unborn babies to establish if they are still doing well.

Doppler – Used to listen to internal organs of the body such as the heart or blood flowing through the veins.

Cardiology – Especially for heart specialists whose very diagnostics depends on being able to hear the heart as clearly as possible.

Pediatric – These are also known as EMT stethoscopes and are designed with smaller bells and diaphragms to enhance the quality of sounds so EMT’s can help their patients in emergency situations.

Different medical professionals use different types of stethoscopes

The reason there are so many different types of stethoscopes on the market is because there are so many different types of medical specialists. Midwives, nurses and general doctors have a great need for fetal stethoscopes.  Emergency Medical specialists use EMT stethoscopes so they can establish problems quickly and efficiently. The most commonly used stethoscopes are the acoustic stethoscope because it provides basic and overall functionality and can be used on the go since there is no need for a power source.  Electronic stethoscopes are also becoming more and more popular amongst medical professionals since they provide crystal clear sound.

Try Property Investment So You Can Start Collecting Rare Artwork

The first thing that art lovers usually realize is that these unique, one of kind pieces do not come cheap.  Buying a replica or a print is just not the same because it will never have that immense value and no one will have the same deep appreciation for a copy of a work of art.  You could invest in less famous pieces but let’s face it, what is the point if no one is going to go ooohh or aahhh about your collection.  One of the best ways for you to become wealthy so you can start a luxurious art collection is by becoming a property investor.

Why choose property when you love art?

Art is gorgeous and timeless but the value of art is greatly linked to popularity, ideals and economic factors.  Your art collection also would never grow if you keep selling your rare pieces as soon as you bought them.  The whole idea of an art collection is to actually collect art, not to resell it.  Property investments can give you the funding that you need so you can spend more on art.  The main reason property is one of the leading investments is because property is an asset that hardly ever loses its value due to external factors.  As long as your homes, apartments or business buildings are in good order, you are sure to make a good profit from them.

Become a Property Investor So You Can Help Others

Learn more about property

As an art lover, you are probably too focused on the visual to see the bigger picture.  You need more than just beautiful homes and apartments; you need economic ones in popular areas so your chances of finding lessees will be high.  Property investment seminars in Perth are the best way for you to learn all there is about property investments. It is important to attend seminars before you start buying homes because there are loads of things that you should know about property that could affect your investment in the long run such as;

Location – During the seminars, experts will provide you with the latest property market research so you will know which areas have a good and secure future that will ensure that your property will be rented out on a permanent basis.

Quality – You do need to know a thing or two about the actual property.  A faulty home could be terribly expensive to repair and you are less likely to be able to rent it out if the walls are cracking.

Strategies – You need to strategize correctly so you will know when to buy property and how much you can afford right now.  Your property strategy should be flexible enough for you to be able to alter it according to your current circumstances.  During the seminars you will learn how to strategize affectively so you can earn three or four apartments or homes in no time at all.

It might take a while for your investment to start growing because you will need several properties before you will be able to generate a good enough profit to allow you to start investing in art.

The Importance of Promoting Artists through Print Media

There’s most likely the world today is characterized by data. Whether its news, conclusions, meetings or publicizing, composed, talked or in recorded, its data (and promoting content) that gives the course and structure to our lives. Media decide our lives and we have gotten to be media ourselves. What’s more, magazines, daily papers, TV, on the web, versatile and online networking are all now imperative segments of any promoting effort.

We recognize six distinct sorts of print media for brands: publicizing in daily papers and magazines, utilization of regular postal mail, client magazines, entryway drop and indexes. These are the most vital print channels to bolster brands. Check out Printers Bristol for all your promoting-through-printing needs!

With such a scope of innovation and (print) channels at a brand’s transfer, by what method can promoting, media and publicizing experts guarantee that they’re getting greatest achieve, introduction, ROI, associations and engagement for their showcasing spend?

The Importance of Promoting Artists through Print Media

Print = the tangible media experience

Maybe the most vital advantage of print media is substance. Among the reasons why numerous individuals incline toward print is to do with the vibe of the paper, having it in their grasp implies that the substance is genuine, it exists. Print media is one of a kind in its ability to trigger various faculties; obviously the sentiment paper, the odor of the ink or of an additional fragrance; paper can be eaten or even listened to (when a chip is included).

Whatever print channel, include print, include power

From multiple points of view, print is the perfect promoting medium: it’s accessible in both expansive and little numbers, can be gotten to effectively, and is connecting with, flexible and inventive. Each of the six sorts of print media has their own particular one of a kind quality and part in their perusers’ lives.

For daily papers, they turn out to be a piece of their perusers’ day as they instruct and illuminate with validity and trust, while shopper and client magazines make engagement through enlivening substance.

Post office based mail utilizes its capacity to access individuals’ homes and lives to convey a focused on deals message, while entryway drop have a lucky scope and ROI. At long last, lists give motivation to clients before driving them online to make the buy. All alone, every channel satisfies an indispensable showcasing part. At the point when consolidated with other media, they are an exceedingly powerful drive for any battle, for any brand.

Making engagement

The way to fruitful showcasing is engagement, attracting your client through consideration getting content before remunerating them with a beneficial offer or administration. Print media are a trusted hotspot for news and other data and purchasers require some investment to peruse an entryway drop handout, magazine or client magazine.

Print media offers a large group of substance territories: news, data, instruction, motivation, extraordinary offers and diversion, all of which create engagement between the peruser and the publicized brands. Undoubtedly, promotions are as much a part of the perusing background as the publication content, with magazines and daily papers giving precisely the right setting to a significant brand battle.

Conversing with one or numerous

Print media exists in numerous structures: from broad communications (hundreds to a huge number of duplicates) to balanced (the customized form). In the middle of, there are configurations, for example, the customized daily paper or magazine – titles that have content custom-made to the particular reader.

Cutting edge advanced presses offer advertisers, media and promoting experts the capacity to print whole distributions taking into account the profile and needs of their shoppers. On the other hand even to incorporate advanced substance in a mass delivered magazine or daily paper. This personalization adds to the adequacy of the print medium as purchasers lean toward a perfectly customized way to deal with the non specific. Such adaptability and versatility permits the advertiser and brand proprietor to pick precisely the right print media for their image.

Including print builds the ROI

A powerful promoting effort works best when print is utilized with other media as one component of an incorporated arrangement. Research has demonstrated that adding print to the publicizing media blend will build the ROI of the general crusade. Print media won’t just add to the ROI, it will likewise improve the ROI of TV or online in the blend. BrandScience examination of 500+ European cases demonstrates that, if there should be an occurrence of FMCG, TV’s ROI expanded with 61 for each penny when utilized as a part of blend with print publicizing and the battle ROI expanded with 57 for every penny with the mix of TV and print media.

Useful advice on getting a mortgage when you are self employed

Getting a mortgage for a house is a very natural step for a person as they get older. However, it can often be a challenge for a self-employed person to get a lender to give them an adequate mortgage as they may see a certain level of risk attached to it. When people might not be making a steady income month on month, this may lead to missed payments at certain stages or a complete drying up of funds at some stage in the future. However, this does not mean that it is impossible by any stretch of the imagination.

If you have your affairs in order and can present a comprehensive case for yourself, you will have no problem getting a mortgage if you are self-employed.

It can often be useful utilising the services of a mortgage brokers in Melbourne who can help to identify the most suitable mortgage products and deals for your situation. Here is some advice that will help you through the process and learn what exactly the lenders are looking for when it comes to a self-employed individual.

Useful advice on getting a mortgage when you are self employed

Your previous few tax returns are important

When a lender starts to look into your financial situation, one of the first places they will look is your previous couple of tax returns. This is how they will try to get an estimate of what your average monthly income will be over the long run. This is normally the most important number that the lender will base their decision on, as it represents your ability to meet the full repayment each and every month.

If you are interested in knowing how exactly they reach this average number, it is very straightforward. They will take the figure of your adjusted gross income for each of the last two years and divide it by twenty four. This allows you to be prepared when you go for a meeting with the lender.

Your debt to income history

Another key area that lenders will look at is your credit score and your history with repaying debt as a whole. If a self-employed person has little history of using debt or they have a near flawless record of making repayments, they will be a lot more likely to give them their desired mortgage. If you have a history of missing debt repayments or you appear to use debt quite a lot, they may think twice about extended you a mortgage.

The majority of lenders will only lend you a certain amount as a percentage of your income. The best way to be certain of your chances of getting a mortgage if you are self-employed is to ensure that all of your different types of debt have been paid off fully and on time. This could be anything from student loans to car repayments. This improves your debt ratios and will show that you can be trusted with making complete and regular repayments.

Don’t fall prey to dodgy payday loan lenders

Over the years, payday loan lenders have received bad press, and not without good reason. When a person takes out a payday loan, they are agreeing to a short term commitment whereby they borrow an amount of money for a short period of time and have to pay it back with a high level of interest.

These types of loans are usually used by people who have an accident or an unexpected event occurs and they need some cash flow in order to resolve the problem.

As you may not have the money at the moment, you need an alternative method to pay this. Some people use payday loans in order to pay their monthly bills and expenses; however this is a bad idea as the debt can quickly spiral out of control and bad habits can form.

It is also a method of financing that can be risky, as there are a lot of deceitful and conniving individuals who are part of the industry. You need to be extremely careful when making an agreement with a payday loan lender. Always read the fine print in great detail to ensure that you are not being exposed to some hidden fees and charges.

Don’t fall prey to dodgy payday loan lenders

This leads to the people receiving the loans to being a far worse situation than when they first began before the loan. This does not mean that all of the payday loan lenders are this way; the vast majority of them are above board and will follow all of the rules and regulations that are bound by law. Once you deal with a payday loan consolidation company that is reputable and professional, you should have no unforeseen problems occur.

Here is some advice to keep in mind throughout the process of searching and deciding to take out a payday loan.

Consult with a professional

While you may not have the money to pay for the expertise of a financial planning expert, it is worth your while talking with someone who knows about these issues. This could be a friend or someone who works at a bank. Many regions have organisation which will give you free financial planning help. They will be able to help you with the financing plan to repay the loan back.

They will also be able to determine if this is the best port of call for you. You may find out that the late fee for the original bill is significantly less than the interest you would have to pay on the loan to pay the bill in the first place. This is why you need to thoroughly explore all of your options.

Don’t forget to shop around

Many people will see a glossy advertisement for a payday loan lender and instantly sign up with that company. This is the last thing you should do. Many lenders will advertise bargain interest rates only to fool you into paying a higher amount with hidden fees and charges. This is why you need to meticulously compare and contrast the total prices of a loan between all of the lenders in your area and online.