Finding a source of inspiration

FINDING INSPIRATION PHOTOPainting is one of the most creative things one can do in their free time. Dozens of men have dedicated their whole life to create just one masterpiece that would change people’s perception of the world, create a new form of art, and impress the critics. Famous geniuses like Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and others were passionate painters, who lived a life very different from that of others in the same era. Artists and painters have a different mind set, they act differently, think and behave differently, sometimes seen as strange and uncommon by others. But most importantly – they create, and that process not only requires a certain atmosphere, setting and idea, but also inspiration, all of which are enhanced by the individual talent that results in masterpieces.

They say that talent is something that you are born with – you cannot develop it, and you most certainly cannot buy it. May in the future, when we have other means of upgrading and uploading information into our brain, this will be possible, but not yet. An option you have, if you really want to experiment with painting is to go to an art exhibition, do online research or frequent an art gallery, to find pieces that you like, explore the art forms and styles that are most fascinating to you and read more about the technique that painters use in order to create one piece or another.

A great way to put yourself in a certain mindset, in order to think creatively, use your imagination to its fullest and reap inspiration is choosing the perfect location. This can also influence you to paint that landscape, in order to portray the beauty that you will be marvelling at. Many artists choose to go somewhere with the most pristine natural beauty, a place which is developed yet unspoiled, where you can see the all the glory and elegance of the trees, flowers, water, the sky and the sun, and everything around them. Staying by a lake is an excellent option that not only inspire, but also show you all the colors that this world has, staying for example at the Marinas at Norris Lake, TN is a great way to experience and see what masterpieces you can create there, surrounded by unsurpassed grace of nature.

Regardless of your age and social status, try to spend some time by yourself in a secluded place at least for a week. Submerge yourself into a peaceful atmosphere, where your body and mind can become one, you can meditate, or just look around you. Explore the natural beauty surrounding you by hiking, take a rug with you, and lay it among the trees, sit there, close your eyes and just let your imagination loose. You will be surprised how many thoughts, ideas and interesting concepts you can create like this. It may not all come immediately, but with time, you will learn how to block out external factors and just really let go of everything and feel free to let your mind do whatever it wants and paint whichever pictures come there.

If you really feel an artist’s block, then change your scenery, step out of your comfort zone and do something that you haven’t done before. Apart from traveling to a new place where you don’t know anyone, try to experiment with the food that you eat, or places that you frequent – learn a new sport, or undertake a new community project. There is a number of exciting ways in which you can really change your outlook on life, and you will receive inspiration to create wonders.


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