Hosting the perfect art exhibition for the first time

Hosting an art exhibition for the first time can be stressful. Even if you have experience in the art industry you may require a bit of helpful advice to make sure you host an event that everyone will remember and that will help sell the art that you are displaying. It is an art to host an event where most of the guests that are attending are having a good time. You can do it but it will take a bit of hard work and lots of commitment to do this effectively.

Hosting the perfect art exhibition for the first time

It is important to get insurance before hosting your show because you might be featuring expensive art pieces that will cost a fortune to replace. Accidents happen and it is sometimes just better to be prepared for them at all times. Liability insurance will be the ideal product to add to your process. Read more about what this cover is for. You can even take out the policy for a limited time only to ensure that you are covered for the night of your event. Choosing the venue is also incredibly important. If you have a limited budget find a place that is central enough for your guests to reach without effort but also not a venue that will cost you an arm and a leg.

Instead of serving expensive dishes take a look at Salad King for some of the best salad dishes that you can serve at your exhibition. This is a healthy alternative and all the art lovers that will be attending our event will love it. Don’t spend a fortune on catering if you can order a few dishes and display it yourself. With miniature shrimp rolls at such a reasonable price your guests will eat in the lap of luxury without making your bankrupt. While choosing a venue you need to make sure that you meet the owner. This is important to make sure you are aware of all rules and regulations.  You might have to have a portfolio on hand to show the owner what you will be hosting and what your needs will be for that night.

Once you have the venue arranged and the agreement is in place that includes items like how long the art will be displayed and what will happen with proceed you need to start marketing the exhibit. It is important for people to know that you are hosting an exhibit and that is going to require some networking. Make sure that you let everyone know that you have ever interacted with. It is especially effective if you share with people that are involved in the art world. Click here to learn more about advertising for free with social media. This is a great way to get the word out there without costing you a fortune. Lastly get yourself a fabulous outfit for your opening night. You need to look and feel your best, this is your show, own it!

Ways for Artists to Be Stylish During Exhibits

Art does not have functionality.  You cannot sit on art.  You cannot use art.  You cannot eat art.  You cannot create with art.  Art is just for good looks and style.  Some art investors will buy art so they can one day profit from the works but most people who buy art, buy it to improve the look, feel and style of their homes.  It thus makes sense that they want to buy from a stylish artist.  With good style you can build a much better reputation which will make you much more approvable and much more reputable.    The more popular and reputable your work is the more people will buy your work.  Here are some great ways for you to be much more stylish on your next exhibit so more people will look up to you and be interested in your work.

Ways for Artists to Be Stylish During Exhibits

Travel in style

Most artists have a hard time to get their works sold when they haven’t got a good reputation just yet.  That means that most artists are likely to be broke.  You shouldn’t arrive at a major art exhibit in your old rigidly car.  People might judge you and refrain from buying your art if they think you don’t have class.  LAX is a Luxury Car Service that you can use to get you to your major exhibit in style.  Their classy vehicles will help you improve your overall look.  You can arrive in something small, yet stylish like a Tesla or you can go all out by arriving in a luxury limousine.  The best part about the LEX car service is the fact that you don’t have to worry about anything during the journey.  A professional chauffeur will get you to your exhibit safely, securely and on time.

Dress to impress

You should look as good as your paintings do.  That way you won’t be embarrassed to pose next to some of your fantastic works and you will always look great in all magazines.  A professional styling artist can help you choose a stylish outfit that will stand out from the crowd and they will give you the best advice on how to do your hair, makeup, nails and more so you can look fantastic.

Practice small talk and speeches

Exhibits are mostly quiet because people love to stare at, admire and study art.  But when prospective clients do actually ask you questions or interact with you, you should be able to communicate effectively and you should be able to practice small talk to keep things from getting awkward.   A major exhibit can be stressful and you can easily forget how to speak effectively.  Practicing some lines and speeches before the exhibit will help you calm down and will help you communicate better.

Eat before you go

Stress can cause you to feel woozy and low blood pressure combined with stress could lead to you feeling horrid on your special night.  You should try to eat before the evening so you will feel energized.  But remember to keep your meals light so you don’t feel bloated or too stuffy to concentrate.