How to Start a Mini Art Gallery at Your Home

Rent for art galleries are becoming ridiculously expensive and is completely unnecessary if you already have a moderately beautiful home.  You can get your home remodeled into a mini art gallery and sell works of art from home while you skip out on expensive rental fees.  The internet can also help you make a huge success out of your home art gallery because you can feature and sell artwork online all over the world.

Get an interior designer for your mini art gallery

If you are going to be featuring a lot of rare pieces of art and if you are going to be entertaining a lot of celebrity guests at your home then an interior designer is an absolute must.  An interior designer will ensure that your home looks fantastic for displaying art and for implementing the right amount of lighting to promote the general look of fine art.  The interior designers will also improve the general functionality of your home and the overall look of your home so you will never be shy about receiving first class guests when they come to view some of the artworks.  One of the best interior designers or design firms that you should consider for your home transformations is Juan Pablo Molyneux and his firm.  Molyneux is an infamous interior designer with his own firm and he is one of the most popular and famous interior designers in the world.  He creates completely unique designs which will ensure that your mini art gallery looks ultimately stylish and luxurious.

How to Start a Mini Art Gallery at Your Home

Decide on a gallery name

Your gallery name should be short enough to remember but also complex enough to seem unique and artistic.  When you have decided on a terrific name for your mini art gallery you should get a big name board for your home so anyone who drives by can see that you are featuring an art gallery at your home.

Decide on what type of works you will be featuring

Are you going into rare paintings or do you prefer to uplift your local community?  Perhaps a combination of both?  The possibilities for artworks at your home are unlimited because it is your art gallery and you make the rules.  You can decide what is best for your own mini art gallery.

Start to invest in art

Once you have decided on the type of artworks that you will be featuring and selling then it is time to start looking for artists who have something to sell or who are willing to work on projects for your art gallery.  You can also seek out other works of art that are on the market and start investing in famous or well reputed artists to help put your mini art gallery on the map.

Promote, promote, promote!

If you are going to be running an art gallery from home then a good marketing strategy is vital.  You should get a website and display all of your works on the website and you should also advertise on social media sites and guest posts.  You should also host frequent art displays and art gallery gatherings or events to keep the public interested and to lure them to your art gallery.

Is Art Worth the Investment?

Some of the most famous paintings in the world are considered “priceless”. But then there are those that sell for millions or even billions of dollars and hang beautifully in a home or office for eternity. There are even those that are bought in the early years of an artist for just a few dollars. The point is, art is money – but is it worth the investment. Here is a breakdown of how art can enrich your life and what to consider when investing.

The Work & Artist

When you invest in a piece of art you are investing in the artist. He takes pride in having sold a piece even if it’s only for a few dollars. One day that artist could become famous which would make your early work worth substantially more. Even if the artist never becomes a household name, you can take comfort in knowing that you invested in someone’s future.

Now, if you invest in a great artist or a piece of art that is already well-known then you are making an investment that will pay dividends long after you are gone. Great art work has no limit on its value. A piece can be appraised for one price and sold for double or triple the value as enthusiasts fight in a bidding war to be the collector of that piece. This means that if you were to sell a high profile piece, you could make a pretty penny.

What to Consider When Investing

moneyedup investing in artMost people who invest in artwork take time to learn about their options. You see, you do not just purchase a painting and hang it on the wall indefinitely. You may want to loan your piece to museums at a fee and you will definitely need to take proper care in maintaining the work through proper cleaning and storage. There are many factors that attribute to the age of a painting. It is best to speak with a restorative artist on how to properly store and care for you artwork before investing.

Investing in artwork is just like investing in anything else. You have to be prepared for what could happen and know that you may never get a return on your investment. Having a background in investing is the best place to start before you make the decision to purchase a true piece of art. is a site designed to educate individuals on what to consider when investing and to learn how to navigate the volatile market. Before you sink your life’s earnings into a beautiful canvas, be sure to learn what you can expect for the future.

Other Types of Art Investments

Typically when you think about investing in art you are thinking about canvas paintings. However, there are many different forms of art. Music is considered an art that we all invest in on a daily basis by downloading songs or listening to the radio. Sculptures are another popular form of art that, when chosen well, yield large returns on the initial investment. Artifacts are also a form of art. We usually think about these items in museums but the truth is that there are hundreds of private collectors in the world who spend the time finding these wonderful pieces of history that are truly priceless. When you invest in art you invest in a culture, a belief, a person and the future of a niche.