Can students pay for college selling art?

Many freshly graduated students that get out of high school dream of having a better future and then see University as the next best thing to do. But is it really the right option for those who do not have a job or any source of income? Maybe not. Every year we see thousands of students struggling to get a loan or even to get past school fees. This is not an easy task to go through such “expensive” time of our lives without taking certain risks.

Can artistic talents help get through?

Some students wonder is exercising their entrepreneur talent can help them get past the fees. Well, it certainly depends on the amount the student owes. We have an example of a hardworking lady who wanted to get into a certain University and decided to paint and sell the art in order to get into the University. She needed to raise $45.000 dollars! You can check more on the following link

Is it a great solution then?

Bridgeport’s teen wanted to raise money to get into University and pay the semester off. However, if students already wen to university and would like to pay at least part of the loans by selling art, then go ahead, it can indeed help! When you go online and visit helpful sites such as you will be able to notice that there are several different opportunities for those who are willing to raise some extra money. It is possible to sell all kinds of arts such as jewellery, paintings, sculptures, craft work and much more. It is up to students to find where their best abilities rely and use their free time to invest on it.

How can students show their talents to the world and earn cash with it?

Once vacation time hits in, students should invest their free time into crafting what they would like to sell. As soon as they have it all done they can put on a garage shop and then sell as much as possible. They can sell house to house, go to art galleries and also invest into marketing their products (for free of course) on the web. Social media networking is also a key into gathering more money in order to put towards University loans/ tuitions. If students have the opportunity, they should also try to sell their products through the web, that way they will be able to show the whole world what they can do.


What if students cannot get as much as they have hoped?

Even though students might not get as much money as their first hoped to, it is possible for them to get at least 30% of the total amount that they need for a full semester. Even though the results might not be the best students should also keep in mind that they should not give up! All kinds of extra money are valid! The more they make the easier it will be for them to pay their loans later.more detailed information in her latest blog post.


10 Famous Artists from British Columbia

British Columbia is a beautiful place in Canada. The province has as its capital beautiful Vancouver, that receives thousands of students and tourists every single year. Although this area is full of natural beauties it is also filled with beautiful Hollywood stars and singers.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 famous artists that were born in BC!

Ryan Reynolds

Handsome, young and extremely talented, Ryan Reynolds has already worked in several different Hollywood movies. Always as a charming character, the most famous roles that he played were Green Lantern, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and more.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Born in Mission, BC, Carly Rae Jepsen is beautiful and a famous star among pop singers. One of her trademark songs is “Call Me Maybe” that reached the top charts all over the world.

Kristin Kreuk

Born in Vancouver, Kristin is a beautiful, young and extremely talented actress. She has been on TV since she was a young teen and has already reached important roles on movies and other TV shows. She has played Snow White and also one of the main characters of the TV show Smallville – Superman.

Carrie Anne Moss

Most famous for her role as Trinity in the Matrix Trilogy, Carrie was born in BC and soon moved to Europe to pursue a career in modelling. After spending a while there she returned to Canada and after working in several movies she has settled in Canada once again.

Michael Buble

Owner of a beautiful voice and a lot of talent, Michael has long been enchanting people with his songs. Born in British Columbia he has already been to several different countries. Born in Burnaby, he loves to enjoy the calm and beauty of the countryside.

Nelly Furtado

Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Nelly Furtado has a beautifully unique voice that is able to impress even the most exigent song lovers. She has already sold over 20 million disks worldwide and has no plans on retiring from the musical world.

Pamela Anderson

Born in the beautiful island of Ladysmith, BC, Pamela Anderson is well known for her beauty and talent in the adult world. She is much more than a porn star though; she is also an adult movie director, activist, showgirl and also author.

Rosa Mendes

Born in Vancouver, Rosa Mendes is a famous wrestler that previously worked as a professional model. She first studied in the University of British Columbia, however she dropped out back in 2004 to pursue a career in modelling. After a couple years she decided that wrestling was her passion. She currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.visit this link for more information.

Leon Giglio (Mandrake)

No longer among us, Mandrake was a super famous illusionist, magician, stunt professional, mentalist and also ventriloquist. Born in 1911, he spend decades of his life impressing people from all over the world. He died back in 1993, after working with magic for 62 years.

art from columbia

Mike Reno

Born in New Westminster, BC, Reno always had a fine taste for good music. He is currently a songwriter drummer and main vocals for his rock band Loverboy.

Check for more famous stars that were born in BC by checking the link,%20Canada&sort=starmeter,asc&start=51


7 Popular Art Blogs in 2014

We all know how important art is for us. There are different ways to express your favorite topics. Whether you prefer oil on canvas or abstract paintings, there is always a great blog for you to become a part of. Let’s take a look at the 7 main blogs dedicated to art that are up and about this year.

This blog is very nice for those who are looking for high quality content and tips. You will be able to find several different articles (and pages, that we will see later) that are 100% dedicated to art and people that have a passion for it. The writers of this blog have inspiration and give the public some ideas, tips and techniques to improve what they do. Some of the common topics are oil painting, pastel painting and coloring.

Artistdaily is the perfect blog for those who would like to know the experience of people that are on the field for years now. This blog has several different Ebooks available for people to download. It is a full blogging network that allows people from all over the world to share their worries, talents, tips and experience as a whole. With almost 400.000 users this blog is indeed a nice source of quality info.

This blog is the perfect opportunity for those who would like to learn some nice techniques with the professionals. The site is like a school that provides people of all levels the right instructions. This is the real university for those who would like to make art truly part of their lives. Who said art cannot give you an extra source of income?

This is the perfect blog for the art lovers that would like to know more about the latest trends and materials. Here readers will also be able to get free advice and read more about experienced people that have been on the field for years.

This is the right blog for those who would like to understand more on how they can sell their artworks and how they can get some income thanks to what they produce. The site does not cost a single thing for users. You can find tips for artists, photographers and also designers.

Wetcanvas is the largest forum of the web dedicated to artists and art lovers. With hundreds of different discussion categories, the site is a great source of content for those who would like to know more about the art world. Perfect for the experienced and also the very beginners.

popular art

This is the video channel/ blog for those who would like to see how everything works. The site is divided into different categories that helps bloggers see exactly what they would like to see. There are hundreds of videos that are explanatory and that also give tips for the beginners and experienced. Users can also create video lists and do a lot of other things.


5 Most Expensive Art Sales in 2013

We all know how some art items such as paintings and sculptures can become quite expensive. Depending on its age and also on the artist that brought such item to life, these masterpieces can literally cost a fortune. Every single year hundreds of famous masterpieces are sold internationally for million and millions. Let’s take a look at the 5 most expensive art sales that took place in 2013.

Le Reve by Pablo Picasso.

Le Reve is a French title that means “The Dream” in English. This is an oil painting that was created by worldwide famous Pablo Picasso back in 1932. This masterpiece has bright colors and is said that it was painted in an afternoon back in 24 of January of 1932. The size of this item is 130 x 97 cm. Picasso was experiencing one of his periods of distorted paintings. This item portrays his mistress Marie Therese Walter. The beautiful outlines and bright colors clearly resemble the style used during Fauvism. This painting was sold on March 26, 2013 for $135 million dollars for a private art lover.

Three Studies of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon

This beautiful and enigmatic painting was created by Frued’s friend, Francis Bacon. He created this item back in 1969 and it is an oil on canvas panting. Francis Bacon that was of Irish descent created this item on 3 different canvas, each one of them measuring 198 x 147. 5 cm. This item was sold for a very high price and was also the highest price attained at an auction. It was sold back in November 12, 2013.

Anna’s Light by Barnett Newman

Barnett Newman was an American artist that died in 1970. He is one of the main icons when it comes to abstract expressionism. He has done hundreds of paintings, most of them in the color field. Anna’s Light is basically a huge painting that was done back in 1968. It is basically a huge painting in the color red with some lines in different colors. It is a very expressive item that was sold back in October 4, 2013 for $105 Million dollars. It was sold for a worldwide famous private corporation.for more updates, go to the original source.

L’lle Aux Orties by Claude Monet

This enchanting and extremely old painting brought to the world by the iconic Claude Monet has indeed impressed millions worldwide. It was created back in 1897 and is an oil painting that has indeed made millions fall in love with the creativity of Monet. Sold in New York in November 2013, this item cost $8.1 million for a private company that wanted to call this masterpiece theirs.

most expensive art sales

Silver Car Crash by Andy Warhol

Created by the iconic and exotic Andy Warhol, this larger painting has beat the auction records as the most expensive painting by Andy Warhol sold by an auction. It was sold in November 2013 for $155 million dollars in New York.

If you would like to know more about the most expensive paintings and sculptures sold in 2013 check the following link


3 Most Famous Art Heists

It is impossible to fully control what happens at art galleries during working and non- working hours. We know that having dozens of security guards and surveillance cams do not do much when thieves come to action. Let’s take a look at the 3 main art gallery heists and see how clever thieves can be.

E.G Burle Foundation Museum – Zurich, Switzerland

Three men walked in this museum back in 2008 and literally changed the history. On February 12, 2008, under broad day light these men stole 4 paintings that were close to the entrance – and that happened to be the most expensive from the whole gallery. Two of the men got the paintings while one pointed guns and made everybody go face the floor. They stole beautiful and expensive paintings such as the Boy in the Red Waistcoat by Paul Cezanne. These 4 stolen paintings were worth $163 million dollars, and such theft was considered to be one of the biggest in Europe.

National Fine Arts Museum – Asuncion, Paraguay

In July 2002, Paraguay had one of the most valuable art exhibitions of all time. Thieves managed to enter the museum and left with 5 of the most important paintings that were worth millions of dollars. Although we all imagine that thieves just break into places and steal, these ones were one step ahead of everyone. They carefully planned the robbery for months. The group of thieves rented a store that was 25 meters away from the museum. For 2 months they dug a passage that went from the shop and that ended right inside of the museum. They managed to dig a 3 meter wide hole and back in July 30, 2002 they finally managed to get into the museum undetected. Some of the stolen paintings were Self Portrait by Esteban Murillo, The Virgin Mary and Jesus by Gustave Coubert and Landscape by AdolphePiot.

These paintings are still missing.

The Henry Moore Foundation – USA

A piece of art that was 3.6 meters long and 1.8 meters tall and wide , weighting over 2 tons was stolen during the night by only 3 men that had the right equipment to do so. Three men managed to steal a piece of art this huge during the night. Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure was stolen with the help of a crane equipped flatbed truck and a mini cooper. On December 2005, during the night 3 thieves loaded their trucks with this huge item that was worth almost $5 million dollars. This artwork was probably cut into several different pieces and sent to countries such as China to be melted and used as scrap metal. 5 million were probably reduced to not over $3.000 dollars of electrical parts of copper.

famous art heist

Read more thefts at

Is there a solution then?

It is impossible to say whether or not the security staff will be able to take care of future robberies, however one thing is certain: galleries should invest in insurance. The more they invest in insurance the less the losses would be. Galleries can check the to know more about the different options.