Which art style of art is right for you?

Everyone has their own taste. That is the joy of being human, we all get to choose what we like and that also applies to what type of art we would like to display in our homes. There are so many different types of art to choose from and that makes the choice hard sometimes. The first and most important thing to look at is what you as an individual are drawn towards. Here are a couple of forms of art that might help you decide what you would like to add to your domicile.


This is one of the oldest forms of art and is in the sense traditional. Even thought there are many types of painting which includes fine art, abstract and modern paintings. You could even lean towards watercolors or oil paintings. In this case beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.


This is exactly what the name says. Prints are simply images graphically designed by an artist that gets printed out and framed or mounted on a block. This is usually more sensible for the modern home.


This is for the classical or modern home owner because a sculpture can really create and environment. There are so many different types of sculptures to choose from that even includes sculptures as small as a pin head that is only visible through a magnifying glass. Take a look at some of the most interesting sculptures here.

Which art style of art is right for you?


This is also one of the most obvious choices for many art lovers. Photography is definitely a form of art and there are some beautiful creations that have been made with this method. If you are looking at perhaps taking your own photos and showing off your skill at photography take a look at the Nikon d 750 for a great camera to start with. You will be able to capture beautiful shots and try different techniques to find what works best for you.


This can include anything from pottery, beading, embroidery and other crafts. You can really create a beautiful environment with the right crafts on display. There are some amazing African art that is done by crafts that will compliment any home and give you the desired warm environment that you are looking for. Click here to take a look at some amazing African crafts.

Art installations

This is a new and beautiful art form that is a more permanent display. It would entail an installation in your home that is typically three dimensional and it can be made with different materials or mediums. It might be an interactive piece which includes walking around the piece or including some lighting. As previously mentioned this is definitely a permanent option and can be quite extreme if that is your taste. Take your time when you opt for this art form because you would want something that suits your décor and style to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Bond Over a Love of Art

When you are dating someone new, it can be challenging to find activities that may suit the both of you.  If you are interested in finding out more about each other’s likes and dislikes, consider exploring the world of art together.

You can take the opportunity to ask those fundamental questions, like exploring each other’s favorite color, while learning about your preferred styles of art.  Whether you are an art lover, an artist, or a complete neophyte, exploring art can be an enjoyable experience for everyone regardless of your previous level of education or experience in the subject.

Additionally, an appreciation for artistic expression can serve as a lovely platform to bring a relationship to the next level.

Bond Over a Love of Art

See Great Art

If you are a fan of the DateandSimple philosophy, and want to keep your first few dates with someone new simple, consider a trip to a favorite art museum.  Not only does this provide you with automatic conversation starting material, it can also help you see if they enjoy some of your favorites along the way.  If things progress well throughout your time exploring your favorite artists, then you can easily transition into dinner or drinks without too much pressure.

For those who don’t have a local museum, you could consider a trip to various galleries or shops in a nearby art district.  Not only can this provide the same kind of material for conversation, it can allow you to explore the offerings of artists from your local area.  Not only could you find a new artist you adore, you may be able to walk away with a piece of great art too.

Make Great Art

For those who may be a little more adventurous, you might want to try creating art together.  Whether it is through an official class, or a more casual storefront option, creating something can be a fun way to bond.

For those that are beginning to enter a long-term relationship, you may enjoy signing up for a class that goes over multiple sessions, especially if you have both expressed interest in a particular area.  Many community colleges offer adult enrichment courses lead by local artists.  This can create an interesting and regularly date night over the course of a day or two, or over a series of weeks.

If you don’t know where to start, consider looking for one of the various art-based franchises, such as Painting with a Twist.  Just pick a painting that you like, and sign up to take the class together.  You will have the opportunity to work side by side while creating a fun keepsake.  Some sites offer various snacks and beverages for sale at the facility, while others may allow you to bring your own snacks for your time there.  This can make it a fun, informal way to enjoy art together.

Other classes may be available in various disciplines including, but not limited to, pottery, glass blowing, and silk scarf painting.  Some classes may be open to all ages, while others will be set for adults only.  At times, locations may be able to offer private parties or lessons for an additional fee, allowing you to have a level of privacy as well as more thorough lessons than you may be able to receive in a larger class.