The healing power of art

When I visited the National Gallery in London I found myself staring at Sunflowers by Van Gogh. It felt as if it was there for a mere 5 minutes and in reality I was standing there for an hour. I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful colors and the creation of such a talented artist. I was somehow calm and completely relaxed by the painting. I am usually a person that goes through life rather stressed and pre-occupied. On that day I realized that for me art really has a magical healing power. This is applicable to admiring someone else’s creation and painting your own masterpiece. It is actually scientifically proven that art is a form of healing for sick people and especially for those that have mental disabilities. Read more about the healing powers of art.

Medical and health insurance claim form with stethoscope on clipboard

Medical and health insurance claim form with stethoscope on clipboard

Art is incredibly influential to all of us as it helps us to break down barriers and get rid of insecurities. There are those individuals that prefer a life of isolation and a lot of the time they can only portray themselves in an artistic creation. Art can also allow these individuals to let go of their melancholy emotions and in turn become more sociable with others. It is a fact that painting a picture or creating one can calm just about anyone and this includes people that suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Obviously it is necessary to get one of the best health plans if you are ill and to do that you might find help by taking a look at Medical insurance Florida. This will be your first step to a healthy you, a great health insurance policy. Secondly you need to seek the right medical attentions and once you are being treated for the ailments that you suffer from you can engage in art. This will take you through the hardships and will keep you calm during your healing process.

If you are not an artist and have no particular desire to indulge in painting you should consider visiting a few galleries and admiring other artists’ creations. This will also give you a feeling of enlightenment and calm. There are so many fantastic online galleries that present art from new artists which might just light up your life and any gloomy situation. Who knows, perhaps other masterpieces inspire you to try painting or sculpture. It is also important to note that we aren’t all as talented as Van Gogh or Monet and that our paintings might look like an amateur version. This is not what it is about though, the whole exercise is to put brush to canvas and to forget about everything else that is on your mind. You can also let all the bad things out with your art. Click here to take a look at some of the most popular paintings in the world. Art is a free form of expressing how we feel and a method to show everyone what we like or dislike. You don’t necessarily have to share it with anyone.

Art therapy, what’s all the hype about?

I couldn’t believe it when I saw a friend of mine coloring when I visited her the one day. I asked in amazement if she was doing a project for one of her kids. Turns out she was doing art therapy, a new and popular way for adults to relax and unwind by coloring patterns that are mood specific. I decided to buy my own coloring book and pens and as soon as I started I loved it. I was amazed by how relaxed I felt after coloring my first picture. I looked it up online and I found that it is actually a scientifically proven method of therapy and relaxation.  Here are a few reasons why coloring in for adults is great for you.

Art therapy, what’s all the hype about?

The most obvious reason, distress!

As previously mentioned stress is ever present today and as adults we have to deal with everything and face it head on. By coloring we reduce our stress immensely which has been proven by scientist Carl Jung. Just imagine getting lost in endless colors and patterns without thinking about those things that are stressing you out the most. It is just fantastic to think of nothing but the picture that you are coloring in.

Activate both parts of the cerebral hemisphere

When choosing a color for a specific item, you are using your logic and when deciding which color you would like that item to be you are using your creativity. This according to the experts allows you to use both parts of your brain during the coloring activity.

A trip down your childhood memory lane

There is a huge feeling of nostalgia when coloring in. It takes us back to those playful years where our main focus was coloring within the lines. It is fun and interactive and sometimes makes us feel the warmth and excitement of a child again. The best part is we don’t have to use crayons. There are some fantastic gel pens for sale on Amazon that actually increase your mindfulness and that will give you a great variety of color to choose from. Find out more here.

Coloring is like meditation

Struggling to meditate? There are many people that find it hard to clear their minds for an in depth meditation session. A great way to start is by coloring for adults. You will get the benefit of focusing on one thing which will assist in your practice of meditation. Chances are that you won’t find yourself drifting off as easily as you would by doing meditation. Click here for a few free patterns to start coloring.

Spark your creativity

I found that starting my adult coloring made me addicted to art again. I couldn’t resist buying more brushes, some paint and canvas. I now have my own scheduled artist date and I actually managed to include my friends. Everyone loves coming together and attempting a new painting or swapping coloring patterns. I find that I am more relaxed than ever before.