How Art Improves the Quality of Your Home

While art maybe often undervalued and not appreciated, it has great benefits to our society and even to our individual well beings. Art pieces are not just visually appealing, they also stimulate the mind more than you can imagine. According to studies, people who are more appreciative of artworks (but are not necessarily artists) also have more development in their brains.

Putting up a couple of art pieces at home will have great effects on your surroundings. Whether it is a vintage oil painting or a modern art sculpture, these artistic additions will not just make your home look more inviting; they will also tap into your creative impulses.

Quality of Your Home

Your lovely home needs care and maintenance, from having a trusted artificial grass supplier to investment artworks that easily upgrade the value and look of your house.

Here are some more benefits of having artworks at home:

  1. Anti-stress

According to some researchers, visual arts therapy greatly reduces stress and mental distress in people. If you hang art pieces in places where they are most likely to be visible, your stress levels can decrease significantly just by looking at the art.

  1. Out-of-the-box thinking

Those who are more drawn to abstract art can develop out of the box thinking because of the unconventional designs and styles presented in these kinds of art. Your mind can become more open and this will help you see the world differently, in a good way.

  1. Finding meaning and improving creativity

The types of art pieces and installations that have some form of visual clue or hidden meaning in their layers of paint or clay will help you tap into your imagination and subconsciously train your brain to decode complex puzzles.

  1. Improves memory and cognitive abilities

Those who are learning to become artists will have significant improvements in their cognitive abilities and will also have sharper memory skills. By exercising your skills in drawing and painting, regardless if you are already good or not, you are activating vital parts of your brain that maybe inactive when you are not doing art.

  1. Encourages you to push yourself

While this subject maybe overwhelming for art beginners, it is not as complex and hard as you might think. Learning art is possible no matter what age or educational background you might have. Pushing yourself to try out painting, drawing, sculpting or even art photography will only make you even braver and improve your overall emotional status.

  1. Investment art

It is no surprise that a lot of art pieces can be very pricey. Consider them to be investment pieces that you can pass down to your family throughout the years. After all, artworks only appreciate in value more and more. The best art pieces can be extremely expensive, especially when crafted by a master artist. However, as long as you make sure your art pieces are properly maintained and taken cared of, your collection can bring you and your family big bucks in the future.

Thinking about a pet portrait? Get out your favorite picture and go from there!

You love your pet, it’s not just a pet it’s family. You want to do something special that showcases your favorite little (or big) family member, so you’re thinking about doing a pet portrait. It’s a lot easier than you think. You might have been along the lines of thinking that you have to find a way to get your pet to sit still while having the portrait done and that just wasn’t going to happen with Muffins. That’s okay, all you need is your favorite snapshot of Muffins and find an artist that does oils or other paintings that catch your eye and give it to them. They take your favorite picture of Buster and make a beautiful painting that is yours to do with what you wish. It’s your tribute to your loved animal and it would look gorgeous hanging on the wall with other pictures of you and family members. After all, they are part of the family too.

pet portraits

Custom portraits from a photo are super popular these days. After all, who wants to sit still for hours a day for many days when you have a photo that you can hand over and basically just say get to work and have your favorite snapshot turned into an oil portrait or other type of painting creation of your favorite dog or cat. Even your goldfish Nibbles if you want. Imagine seeing your cat with you in the picture too. There’s a photo of Fluffy sitting on your lap with your hands on top of her and a grin on your face that stretches farther than the Brooklyn Bridge. The both of you looking content and happy could be made into a painting for your bedroom wall or to showcase in your living room.

What about going through the stack of photos when Fluffy was a kitten and you had to go online to this cat training site to learn how to litter train your kitty and the photos you have from the first day she went to her kitty litter box all by herself. She did a little funny dance and got out of the box as if looking proud of what she had just done. So you ran off to get a camera and a few of her favorite treats and took a picture of her the way she was sitting on your chair looking so proud and happy. It’s a priceless picture to you and it’s going to make a priceless oil painting of Fluffy for you to keep always and forever in your home and in your heart.

Art can mean all different things to all kinds of different people. Taking your pet and turning them into a piece of beautiful art such as an oil painting is the thing to do these days. So, start searching through all your pictures and see if you can find the one snapshot you want to immortalize into a painting to adore for years to come.