How to Create the Ultimate Winter Bedroom for Artists

Artists and art lovers does not have a specifically defined style.  Some artists love to be dark and broody while others are romantic in every way.  Some are vibrant and bright creatures while others are as dull as can be.  But the one thing that just about every artist has in common is the desire to be nice and snug during winter and the best way to be nice and snug is to create the ultimate winter bedroom.  When you have a cozy bedroom you will sleep much better and have more energy for the chilly winter.


Get a goose down comforter

If you want to endure the entire winter without feeling a single chill during the night then a goose down comforter is a must.  Goose down comforters are lightweight and breathable.  They also have a benefit that no other blanket or comforter has.  Goose down comforters are suitable for winter and summer because the geese feathers have the natural ability to regulate body temperature so you will be just warm enough through winter and summer.  Visit to have a look at some of the best comforters currently on the market so you can create the ultimate winter bedroom.


Fleece blankets 

Loose fleece blankets are terrific for giving you that extra bit of warmth when you are still moving around the house and they are great for creating a warm and cozy look for your bedroom.  When you look for fleece blankets try and find something that is bright and warm in color.


decorations-accessories-bedroom-pretty-cozy-artwork-bedroom-idea-with-nice-lighting-and-chic-bed-with-pretty-bed-cover-cool-bedroom-artwork-ideas-597x641Scout for artworks with a warm appeal

What would an artist’s bedroom be without a few rare pieces of artworks?  Look for art with warm and bright colors so you will feel warmer and so your room will be a bit brighter during the dull and chilly winter.  You should however avoid paintings that reflect ice and snow since these have more of a chilled vibe than a warm feel.



Get the right kind of lighting

Think restaurant when you choose your bedroom lighting. Restaurants have the right idea in the type of mood you need for your room.  You want lighting that is warm and a bit dimmed so you will feel more relaxed during the evenings. You can also try and add as many tea candles and lanterns as possible because the natural fire will warm the room nicely and set a romantic vibe.


Get a snug but bright carpet

A fuzzy carpet is great for keeping your feet warm during the winter and can bring a lot of color into your bedroom as long as you choose warm colored carpets.


Get a fire place

Fireplaces are always great for creating a cozy and romantic feel for your bedroom.  A fireplace will also keep you nice and warm.  You can get a built in fireplace if you have a room or invest in a smaller electric fire free unit with a vintage look since the modern electric fireplaces are much more functional in chimney free homes and they are incredibly affordable.


Express your artwork by coupling it with amazing interior design

When you are creating amazing artwork, you need to have it in a setting that complements it. There is no point creating a masterpiece that is hung in a space that is dull and uninspiring. You want to have it placed in an environment that will complement it with great design and colours. This will enhance the mood and the richness of the piece of art.

You will often find that many artists have a background in interior design, and vice versa, like Juan Pablo Molyneux. This is because the two disciplines are intrinsically linked to one another. Next time you are hanging a painting, you should consider the interior design elements that are going to complement it.

Express your artwork by coupling it with amazing interior design

Here are a few of those interior design tips that may come in handy for you.

Be consistent

When it come sot deigning a room or any sort of environment, you need to ensure that the design is kept consistent throughout. This places attention on the areas that matter, as opposed to making the entire setting too busy. A common mistake that beginners in interior design make is making too many changes and adding too many flashy points. You want a consistent theme that sets the tone and creates a great mood to the environment. Whatever your preferred theme is, whether it is traditional, contemporary or modern design, make sure that it is kept uniform throughout.

Always start with the best point in mind

When it comes to interior design, you need to get the juices flowing right off the bat. This means that you should be working in the focal point of the project and ensuring that you are excited to create a masterpiece out of this project.

This could be any feature large or small that will become the focal point around which you develop the rest of the environment. It could be as simple as the type of fabric or design that you use. Whatever the case, make sure that you are excited to partake in this project, as passion will breed amazing results.

Ask for help and opinions

When it comes to designing any sort of space, it is always a good idea to get multiple points of views and opinions as to what can be done with a certain space or to clarify what the needs and desires are when it come sot the space.

This means that you will not have to go and start from scratch after you have finished the process and you are not happy with the results. This could range from a client, other interior designers or tradespeople. Everyone will be more than happy to contribute their thoughts if you approach them in a nice way.

Make sure that you add life to the room

These days, many interior designers go for drab looks that may be a bit abstract but them illicit no life out of the surroundings. You need to ensure that you create the right energy in a room, and choosing the right colour schemes goes a long way towards achieving that.