The Best Ways to Sell Your Art Quickly

The chances of making a lot of money from art are quite dim.  You only make money from art if you have a good and recognized name and if your work is tremendously good. It can take years to build a good reputation and even longer to get people to recognize you if you don’t have the right marketing system.  By marketing your art and yourself more effectively you will have more sales, get the recognition for your work that you have always dreamt of and you will finally start earning something back for all that hard work.  Here is some great ways in which to promote your art for quicker sales.

The Best Ways to Sell Your Art Quickly

Bulk SMS

It is hard to get people to visit your website or social pages on demand.  They only see the information you share when they are bored and actually log on and in the mean time they could be missing out on some terrific deals you have to offer.  By sending bulk messages to your client database they will instantly be informed of anything major that is happening with your art.  You can inform your clients of the latest artworks up for grabs, the latest discounts, art workshops and much more.  Bulk SMS is one of the quickest ways to alert people of major news and you can also use the messages to lure clients to your workshops or websites by adding a link to the pages.  You can check out this site to find out more about bulk messaging.

Sell on social media

Social media pages are great for art sales because you can promote to hundreds of people instantly and they can actually see your wonderful works of art by simply visiting your page.  You can also use social media for competitions to lure feed to your sites and to promote your skills.

Create an online gallery

A website can be used as an online gallery to display, share information and sell your art.  You can create your own site where you display only your work or perhaps even join other online galleries to sell on their sites.

Compete in art competitions

Art competitions are great for two things.  The first is to get recognized for your work by winning some awards and the second is to get your art shared with the world so the pieces will sell faster.

Display art at a busy supermarket

One of the best ways to show the world your works is to get a stand near a busy centrum or mall.  Everyone that walks by will notice your work and you can hand out pamphlets with information on your website and contact details.  Your pieces are much more likely to sell since most people who go to a mall or shopping center are already in the mood for shopping and probably have some spending money.

Display in local galleries

Art lovers love to visit art galleries. You can ask gallery owners to display your works and sell your art much faster on a commission basis.