Why Comics Is Also Art

Since the beginning of art, the term art have been heavily debated.  How do you decide what is art and what is not art when there are so many different tastes in our wonderful and diverse world? What some view as glorious art, others will view as garbage.  What some will pay millions of dollars for others will shake their heads at in disgust.  Art is quite difficult to define simply because there are so many different forms of art.  A common work of art that is not recognized as art is comics.  Comics aren’t art because they are jokes, right?  Well comics are much more than just a joke to lots of people.

Why Comics Is Also Art

The definition of art

Art is a creative expression or application of human skill combined with imagination.  Art is usually in a physical or visual form like paintings, sculptures or even digital arts.  Art is created to capture beauty, history, emotions and truth or fiction.

Why comics can be seen as art

Comics are definitely creative and you need a lot of imagination to create comics.  They are also a good example of exceptional drawing and illustration skills especially since the illustrator has to have a great talent to create so many different poses, emotions and events by the same character.  A lot of time goes into creating comics and comics also captures emotions of people who can relate to the comics as well as a bit of history in the form of the story.  A comic strip is no different than the tales told on ancient cave paintings and can definitely be seen as a work of art.

Some comics are worth millions

Comic book collections started out as good clean fun but is now worth a fortune. Action Comics No. 1, for example is worth $1 500 000 simply because this comic book contains the first introduction of Superman.  And that is just a normal copy of the comic book.  If you have a comic book in mint condition then you can fetch even more for your comic book.  The second most expensive comic book is Detective Comics, No. 27 in which Batman makes his debut.  This comic book has a value of $1 300 000.   If people are willing to dish out more than a million dollars for a single comic book then comics can definitely be seen as art.

Check out comics by Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins is a cartoonist from Hertfordshire, UK.  He is a cartoonist and illustrator.  His works are a true work of art because they capture true emotion to which people can relate, the illustrations are often hilarious and his illustration style is very unique and modern.  Since 2008, Collins has won several awards as best writer or artist and his works are seen in many publications worldwide.  His works include comic strips, casual jokes, book illustrations and he even wrote his very own book which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Book of the Year award.  A comic by Stephen Collins would be a fantastic addition to your art collections.