Try Property Investment So You Can Start Collecting Rare Artwork

The first thing that art lovers usually realize is that these unique, one of kind pieces do not come cheap.  Buying a replica or a print is just not the same because it will never have that immense value and no one will have the same deep appreciation for a copy of a work of art.  You could invest in less famous pieces but let’s face it, what is the point if no one is going to go ooohh or aahhh about your collection.  One of the best ways for you to become wealthy so you can start a luxurious art collection is by becoming a property investor.

Why choose property when you love art?

Art is gorgeous and timeless but the value of art is greatly linked to popularity, ideals and economic factors.  Your art collection also would never grow if you keep selling your rare pieces as soon as you bought them.  The whole idea of an art collection is to actually collect art, not to resell it.  Property investments can give you the funding that you need so you can spend more on art.  The main reason property is one of the leading investments is because property is an asset that hardly ever loses its value due to external factors.  As long as your homes, apartments or business buildings are in good order, you are sure to make a good profit from them.

Become a Property Investor So You Can Help Others

Learn more about property

As an art lover, you are probably too focused on the visual to see the bigger picture.  You need more than just beautiful homes and apartments; you need economic ones in popular areas so your chances of finding lessees will be high.  Property investment seminars in Perth are the best way for you to learn all there is about property investments. It is important to attend seminars before you start buying homes because there are loads of things that you should know about property that could affect your investment in the long run such as;

Location – During the seminars, experts will provide you with the latest property market research so you will know which areas have a good and secure future that will ensure that your property will be rented out on a permanent basis.

Quality – You do need to know a thing or two about the actual property.  A faulty home could be terribly expensive to repair and you are less likely to be able to rent it out if the walls are cracking.

Strategies – You need to strategize correctly so you will know when to buy property and how much you can afford right now.  Your property strategy should be flexible enough for you to be able to alter it according to your current circumstances.  During the seminars you will learn how to strategize affectively so you can earn three or four apartments or homes in no time at all.

It might take a while for your investment to start growing because you will need several properties before you will be able to generate a good enough profit to allow you to start investing in art.

Don’t fall prey to dodgy payday loan lenders

Over the years, payday loan lenders have received bad press, and not without good reason. When a person takes out a payday loan, they are agreeing to a short term commitment whereby they borrow an amount of money for a short period of time and have to pay it back with a high level of interest.

These types of loans are usually used by people who have an accident or an unexpected event occurs and they need some cash flow in order to resolve the problem.

As you may not have the money at the moment, you need an alternative method to pay this. Some people use payday loans in order to pay their monthly bills and expenses; however this is a bad idea as the debt can quickly spiral out of control and bad habits can form.

It is also a method of financing that can be risky, as there are a lot of deceitful and conniving individuals who are part of the industry. You need to be extremely careful when making an agreement with a payday loan lender. Always read the fine print in great detail to ensure that you are not being exposed to some hidden fees and charges.

Don’t fall prey to dodgy payday loan lenders

This leads to the people receiving the loans to being a far worse situation than when they first began before the loan. This does not mean that all of the payday loan lenders are this way; the vast majority of them are above board and will follow all of the rules and regulations that are bound by law. Once you deal with a payday loan consolidation company that is reputable and professional, you should have no unforeseen problems occur.

Here is some advice to keep in mind throughout the process of searching and deciding to take out a payday loan.

Consult with a professional

While you may not have the money to pay for the expertise of a financial planning expert, it is worth your while talking with someone who knows about these issues. This could be a friend or someone who works at a bank. Many regions have organisation which will give you free financial planning help. They will be able to help you with the financing plan to repay the loan back.

They will also be able to determine if this is the best port of call for you. You may find out that the late fee for the original bill is significantly less than the interest you would have to pay on the loan to pay the bill in the first place. This is why you need to thoroughly explore all of your options.

Don’t forget to shop around

Many people will see a glossy advertisement for a payday loan lender and instantly sign up with that company. This is the last thing you should do. Many lenders will advertise bargain interest rates only to fool you into paying a higher amount with hidden fees and charges. This is why you need to meticulously compare and contrast the total prices of a loan between all of the lenders in your area and online.

Easy and Stress Free Tips On How to Save More on Your Taxes

Taxation is a huge part of everyone’s lives. It is a stressful and often overwhelming topic for many people. A lot of people struggle to make ends meet and are looking for ways that they can save money. Whether it is through a tax refund or just by simple being smarter with the way you handle your taxes, there is a lot of easy and straightforward ways you can save money on your taxes.

The money that you save can be used to help pay other bills or even contribute to your church. Here is some advice on how to further streamline your taxes in order to maximise the amount of savings you make come tax time.

Easy and Stress Free Tips On How to Save More on Your Taxes

Easy and Stress Free Tips On How to Save More on Your Taxes


Most pension schemes have a useful mechanism whereby you will be able to claim tax back on any contributions you make towards your pension. You need to do a comprehensive analysis of your current cash flow situation and determine exactly how much you can contribute to your pension scheme on a periodic basis.

When you are in a position to make these contributions, you will save substantially on your tax bill at the same time as you are putting away money for your future. Make sure that you know exactly what tax benefits your specific pension scheme has. Many people overlook this and are simply leaving a lot of money on the table and giving it to the tax man when it could be used for some great causes.

Split Your Income

If you are married, a very simple way to decrease your tax bill is to split your income, thus allowing you to benefit from a better tax bracket. This is especially the case if one of the members of the couple does not work or only has a very low income.

By putting investments in your spouse’s name, you can save substantial money from your tax bill by having them declare it to the tax man albeit at a lower rate of taxation.

Solidify the Family Business

Many people are self-employed in this day and age. If some of your family members help with the family business, you should formalise this expense and therefore save on your end of year tax bill. If you have a substantial income and your spouse does not, you can treat your spouse as an employee and pay them a salary.

They will be able to pay a lower rate of tax on this salary, saving a considerable amount if the same sum was taxed at the higher rate of the main bread winner. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Health Insurance

Often if your health insurance is paid for by your employer, you can still make claims to the tax man for a tax refund. You should be able to make the most of any medical insurance tax relief that is available to you. This is a smart way to make extra savings on your tax bill.