Common archery mistakes that you need to avoid

One of the best sports to learn and take part in is archery. Whether you do it strictly as a hobby or you use a compound bow for other purposes, it is a great way in which to build personal discipline and to release stress and energy.

You will learn how to focus on a target and make tiny adjustments to make monumental gains. While it may seem easy when you watch it on the television, archery is anything but that. It takes a lot of practice in order to get just right. You need to ensure that you have the best equipment when you are starting off, so here is a great guide that you can use in order to figure out which is the best compound bow for hunting.

When you are hunting, you need to ensure that your shot hits the target in the right area, as you don’t want to just injure and animal and make it suffer. This is why you need to practice continuously on your shot.

Here is some advice to keep in mind next time you are on the archery range.

Common archery mistakes that you need to avoid

Ensure that you have a consistent stance

When you are taking shots, your feet position should not be changing in between them. Your feet are the entire foundation for the shot, so you need to have a stable base that is not shifting and changing. Otherwise, your adjustments between shots will be meaningless.

The best way to practice a good stance is to get some tape and place it onto the floor where you are taking your shots. You may have an open stance, so you would use the tape in order to have your feet aligned and toes positioned in the same way for your entire practice session. Your balance and the centre of gravity will also have a massive effect on the results of your shooting, so you always want to focus on having a solid platform for your shots.

Rotating elbows

Perhaps one of the main skills that you need to hone when it comes to archery is the correct form of elbow rotation. This is explained as ensuring that your bow arm’s elbow is always get straight on either side, when you are drawing the bowstring back and when you are letting go of the arrow.

If you fail to maintain this position and level of rotation, there are a wide variety of problems that may affect your shot. Some of these problems include arrows always veering to a single side of the target and bruising the inner portion of your arm.

To ensure that these problems do not happen, you need to keep your elbow straight and slightly rotated before you have raised and drawn the bow. After you are in the optimal position from the start and keep it this way throughout the process, your entire upper section will be in great alignment. This leads to you generating a shot that is more powerful and you will have much better arrow clusters.