Save Money by Making Your Own Frames, Stretched Canvases and Wood Canvases

Making art is one of the best hobbies out there.  Painting relaxes you, it gives you something wonderful and fun to do when you are bored and you create something completely unique that no one else has ever created.  But this fun hobby does not come cheap.  Student artists will mess up a bunch of expensive canvases, waste a lot of expensive paint and work their way through scales of brushes on their journey to perfecting their skills.  There is no short cut to learning art.  You need to practice to become good at art and you need good products to practice.  A great way to save on the expense of creating art is to start making your own canvases and art frames.

Save Money by Making Your Own Frames, Stretched Canvases and Wood Canvases

Tools you need for DIY canvases or frames

Router table – With a router table you can cut decorative designs into wood or for smoothing the edges of the wood. The router tables are great for woodwork because they are super easy to use and they allow you to do difficult and dangerous wood cutting much safer.  The router table will allow you to make fantastic looking frames or prep wood canvases. On you can have a look at all of the best router tables that are currently on the market.

Drill – You will need a good drill to assemble canvases or frames.

Hammer – A hammer will also help you with the assembly of some canvases and with the adding of brackets to wood canvases for hanging.

Sander – With a good sander you can create smooth wood canvases and beautifully shiny wood frames.

Make your own painting frames

Painting frames are extremely expensive.  With a Router table, drill, hammer and sander you can make just about any frame design you want.  You can finally start to frame your paintings yourself or perhaps even start making some great extra cash by selling frames.

Make your own stretched canvases

It is much cheaper to make your own canvases than to by pre-frame canvases.  All you need is fabric, primer, wood panels, nails and nail glue.  You can prep and make your canvases in any shape and size that you may need.

Give wood canvases a try

Paintings on stretched canvases or fabric canvases are a somewhat new method of creating art.  In the past, artists like Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci used wood panels for painting.  Wood canvases are ideal for painting since they can last for centuries but are no longer in use by artists because of the weight.  You can make your very own wood canvases at a fraction of the cost of normal canvases.  DIY wood canvases are ideal for student artists since they are so cheap.  All you need is a wood panel, saw and a sander and you can make as many canvases as you need.  Audrey Kawasaki is a modern artist that uses wood canvases for her artworks.  Her works are tremendously popular and is even used in scales of tattoos, calendars, art prints, phone covers and much more.

5 Ways to Make Art Interesting

You have to admit that not everyone can appreciate art. There are even some people who believe that art is something that should not be taken seriously. Some do not even bother checking out art galleries because they feel that art is all the same and they will not get anything out of it. Perhaps it is only going to take one painting or one work of art that will make people realize the reasons why art exists.

If you are an artist and you would like people to see the beauty of art, how are you going to do that? An artwork is not the same with the best portable band saw which comes with different features that will make it highly sought after by different individuals. Art is more relative. Some people may like the type of art that you do while others will be more appreciative of other styles, of other subjects and of different things. You cannot expect that you will make art universally interesting but you can make small changes that will make it become noticeable amidst all the other artworks available.

5 Ways to Make Art Interesting

  1. You can make art interesting by looking deep within your self and basing your art on something that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about something, you will be able to put your heart out into your work better. Passion can be evident through artwork and for sure, somebody will notice.
  2. You can think of new strategies and styles that the world has never seen before. Imitating someone else especially the style of someone who is famous will get you mild recognition. You may become known as someone who is good at imitating but is not good at creating. You do not want this type of label so make sure that you will be creative enough to think of something different.
  3. You can be specific about the audience that you are trying to reach out to. Who is your target audience? Are you trying to connect with people who are in their 20’s? Perhaps you want to reach out to people who are already in their golden years. You will be able to formulate art better when you know the people you want to reach.
  4. Become inspired. Even if you are passionate about art, there will be days when you will find yourself confused about the things that you should make. Try to do things that you know will make you inspired again.
  5. Understand the reason why you like creating art. If you do not know your reason for creating art, how do you think will you manage to gain the interest of other people? You may have different reasons why you do art. It may be because you are good at it. It may also be because you love doing it, you only feel alive when you are doing art. Once you accept your reason for doing art, it becomes more interesting to people who will see it.

Do you think that you can make art interesting again? You can if you believe you could.

How to Be More Creative in Making Art

There will be moments when you would like to produce your very own artwork but cannot because you are stuck in a rut. You do not know what you have to do anymore because you feel uninspired. If the things that you are doing are already feeling boring and repetitive, then you know that you know that you need to do other things that can help you improve a lot.

There are different things that you can do so that you can become more inspired such as the following:

    • Take a walk. Perhaps you would need to look at the world in a more detailed manner. Take a walk along a street that you pass by everyday. Focus more on the different things there. Have you ever noticed how big the tree that your friend has planted way back? Perhaps you have never noticed the cute dog of the first house on the street. Focus on the little things and this will make a lot of difference.
    • Take a vacation. Being in a new place and being exposed to a whole new environment will get your creative juices flowing especially if you would learn new things about the place that you never knew before. Even before the vacation is over, you would already have an idea about the things that you like to create.
    • There will be moments when you truly need it because without relaxing, you will realize that the things you have made can only be considered mediocre. Take time to relax and truly enjoy and the inspiration will come naturally.

How to Be More Creative in Making Art

Now that you already know the things that you can do so that you can become more inspired, you may need other information on how you can further improve your art making. Here are some things that you can do:

  • Use Other Materials

If you have used paint all your life, perhaps you would want to use something different this time. What if you can make an artwork made with materials that are all recycled? Recycled materials are in different colours that will allow you to still form the characters that you would like to place. For instance, you can use coffee for the brown things on your artwork. Coffee grounds may work too so perhaps it is ideal to check out Kona coffee review. This will allow you to have coffee that tastes good that you can also use for art at the same time.

  • Use A Different Type of Paper or Canvas

You have to remember that the item that you are going to paint on does not necessarily have to be white. You always have the choice to choose the type of canvas that you can be happy with. Choosing a dark colored canvas is actually good for you because you know that for sure, the effect of the colours that you are going to place will be different.

  • Be Creative With Your Colours

If you would like to change the way that your artwork looks like, perhaps you may want to make your colours a bit unrealistic. This is totally out of the box and this may not be something that you usually do. You may be surprised with how good the final outcome is going to be.

You always have a choice to become good with your art. As long as you are interested and happy with what you are doing, then you will be able to produce amazing pieces each time.