Tips to clean and take care of your art

The most exciting part of art is finding a piece that suits you and taking it home for the first time.  There is a challenge to keep that piece looking as it did the day you bought it. You want to keep your art maintained and protected so that you can show it off for decades or perhaps sell it as an investment. There are a few steps each person that owns pieces of art needs to take to keep the magic of their painting alive. It doesn’t matter how much you spent on your painting you want to take care of it whether you intend to sell it to someone else or leave it as a keepsake for your next generation.

Experts say that taking care of your art starts by selecting the right frame. If you are willing to spend money on a painting that you are fond of you need to further your investment by using a good frame. Your art should never be cut down to fit the frame. There should be no framing gaps. The style however is completely your choice. Read more about choosing a suitable frame for your painting. It is incredibly important to display your painting in the right location. You might think that your sunroom is ideal and will compliment your masterpiece but there are many factors that you would need to consider.

Tips to clean and take care of your art

Direct sunlight is really bad for your painting as it fades art and will make your painting worthless. There should be no extreme temperatures at all for example radiators are bad. You also don’t want to keep your painting in an area where there is mold because that could really damage the painting. Take a look at mold testing Kansas City to book specialists to visit your premises and test your home for mold. They are also able to remove any mold that you might have. This will be ideal for your paintings and for your own health. Mold is a horrible thing to deal with and can only completely be handled by specialists.

Choose the right type of glass. You can use non-reflective glass to protect your painting. You need to also take great care of the glass that you use by for example using a cleaning product that doesn’t streak in order to keep your painting visible and pleasant to look at. You should also use a soft micro-fiber cloth to clean the glass in order to avoid any scratches. Make time to lightly dust the frame once a week to eliminate grime buildup. Click here to read more about choosing the right glass for your painting.

Always handle your painting with great care. If you are moving it around make sure that it is carefully packaged and handled with extreme care. Pack your painting flat and not upright to avoid any great damage. It is an investment that you don’t want to just ruin by being careless.